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  1. showmanshiptop

    Partraige Plymouth Rock Bantam breeders

    Hello. For the past year and a half I've searched the internet time after time for these Bantams, but haven't had any success EVER. So I've come here. I know Murray McMurray has them, but I hope to show them, and don't want 15. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. showmanshiptop

    Show people connect

    Just thought it might be nice to have BYC show people connect. Please say what breeds you show and if you are looking for a breeder of a specific breed. I show Danvers, Leghorns, and Partraige Rock Bantams. I'm looking for someone who breeds Partraige Rock Bantams.
  3. showmanshiptop


    Hi, I've been on BYH for a while and last year I came over here to look around. I didn't get that far, but i think I'm ready now. I am from Colorado and really into showing chickens. Last year I win my age group in showmanship at county fair.
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