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  1. kiwi-chick

    2 hens 2 chicks - at what age can they live together?

    The first chick is 8 days old and the second is now 4 days old - but the hens desperately want out of the coop My Run as shown in photos
  2. kiwi-chick

    2 hens 2 chicks - at what age can they live together?

    I have 2 black sex links with 1 chick each. The chicks hatched 4 days apart. I currently have them separated (see photo) but I would like to release them into the chicken run (summer here in New Zealand) which is quite large for my 4 chickens and 2 chicks. All 4 chickens normally range free in...
  3. kiwi-chick

    Is my hen broody?

    Just be careful to make sure you get all the eggs every day - if you leave any behind you may find her sitting on them when you go to collect them.
  4. kiwi-chick

    Bantam hen has never laid

    If there was an egg eater in there - I doubt you would be getting any eggs....
  5. kiwi-chick

    Puffy chicken

    Is she perhaps becoming broody... check out the broody links here
  6. kiwi-chick

    Bitten by my chicken

    Chickens will often do this if you hand feed them. You should try hand feeding your chickens... it gives you a chance to check them out without having to pick them up....
  7. kiwi-chick

    Is my hen broody?

    I think this is the best advice...
  8. kiwi-chick

    Is my hen broody?

    This means nothing - my two broody hens don't screech or growl at all (they do do the cluck,cluck,cluck thing though) when they are broody. Because of this I don't think that your hen is broody. On the other hand... my two always do this for about a week before they went broody... My advise...
  9. kiwi-chick

    Comment by 'kiwi-chick' in media '39'

    That's a handsome lad!
  10. kiwi-chick

    Chicken staying in nesting box but not laying

    I take your point but - I am sure that more people than just the original poster are reading and taking I am.
  11. kiwi-chick

    Brooding age?

    *Stage whisper* I'm on the other side of the world to most here..... so yes - you're equivalent of a night owl! *big smile*
  12. kiwi-chick

    Chicken staying in nesting box but not laying

    after a week in the broody cage (that was the second (2nd) time this summer in the cage)- which I left outside day and night, while letting them out for a run each day once or twice - they were still not broken - so I gave in and let them brood.....
  13. kiwi-chick

    Chicken staying in nesting box but not laying

    I have two black sex links that went broody half way through spring, I broke them both at the same time. it took about 10 days before they started laying again then 2 weeks later they were broody again. This time I tried breaking them - and they would not break. I gave in and have given them two...
  14. kiwi-chick

    Washing eggs

    like keeping chickens or using nest boxes or the type of roost you use - there is no right or wrong way - it all depends on what you are happy with.
  15. kiwi-chick

    Brooding age?

    silkies are smaller - like bantams aren't they?
  16. kiwi-chick

    Brooding age?

    I used to do that... and still do if I pick them up from anywhere but the nest. From the nest which is on the ground and under the poop board it is easier for me to pick them up using their feet
  17. kiwi-chick

    How many chickens would you need to keep to supply all the meat and eggs your family eats?

    The whole point was to try thinking that chicken was all your only meat source and not use other types of meat..... so calculate what other meats you eat and transfer that to chicken... of course not - this is not about reality - it is an exercise in thought!
  18. kiwi-chick

    Brooding age?

    I put my hands under their feet when I pick them up from the nest and draw them in close to my body so they balance better.... Their feet grip my hands and fingers like a new born babe!
  19. kiwi-chick

    Hen Acting Different Than Normal

    How is she doing now?
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