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  1. TroutsChicks

    Need answer for a friend, unable to stand curled foot.

    I was asked to post for a friend. Thank you "Update on my "sickie chickie". I'm thinking now it's not Marek's, but I'm not 100% positive. Her foot (the one she cannot stand on, seems to be broken or deformed and was most likely injured as we moved the tractor or she fell off the roost. She...
  2. TroutsChicks

    Lost first chicken due to car?

    I got 16 chicks on 5/14/11. I raised them into pullets without any loses. Just had all 16 lay for me last was awesome. Then today I found one of my BA's laying 20 feet away from the road on my property with her head hanging down and breathing hard..making a gurgling raspy sound. The...
  3. TroutsChicks

    Velociraptor chicken laying an egg! heres a video of my RIR working on her egg...shes not a very nice girl!
  4. TroutsChicks

    What size is your nest box?

    I built my nest box out of white 2x4'2 and osb. Its 14x14. My 2 RIR ( 20 weeks) started to lay in the poop catcher under the roost! So I took it out. Now shes stuffed in the box and just looks miserable. I Can build another one today, only took me about 30 mins to build ( first thing i built...
  5. TroutsChicks

    Red faced BR, embrassed cause hes a roo? Or just too much sun?

    Finally got some pictures loaded on byc! I wanted to ask the experts about my blushing BR. none of the other 7 have a red face its 9 weeks old. I dont see any saddle or hackles. thanks
  6. TroutsChicks

    Finally!! heres my 1st byc pictures!

    one of my RIR having trouble posting more then 1 pic at a time!
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