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  1. IzzyMom

    Comment by 'IzzyMom' in article 'Best Coop A Round'

    That is awesome!! What a great idea! Looks good too ;)
  2. IzzyMom

    Choosing Breeds!

    I agree! My very first hen was a Speckled Sussex (named Izzy - hence my profile name). She was the best girl!! Beautiful to look at (like she'd been caught in a snow storm!), and sweet as could be. She was my lap girl, and a faithful layer.
  3. IzzyMom

    Choosing Breeds!

    My Orpington was one of my favorites, but we have Brahmas for the first time, and they're just as fun. Big, fluffy, good layers, sweet disposition and remind me of a Great Pyrenees as a dog comparison.
  4. IzzyMom

    Comment by 'IzzyMom' in article 'Chicken Treat Chart—the Best Treats for Backyard Chickens'

    I needed to read this TODAY! I have given raw whole-oats to my chickens in the past mixed with their scratch as a "treat" during the cold winter months. Not anymore! Thank you again :)
  5. IzzyMom

    Frozen Eggs: are they safe to eat?

    This is the best advice I've seen. I too struggle with what to do when they freeze before I can collect them. Now I know :) Thank you!
  6. IzzyMom

    Comment by 'IzzyMom' in article 'Article for Roseville'

    This looks awesome! We need an "updated" when the chickens arrive and get established in it. I love seeing new coop pictures - but it makes it even better when I get to see it with it's inhabitants :) Thank you for posting!! It's gorgeous!
  7. IzzyMom

    Comment by 'IzzyMom' in article 'How To Clip Trim The Wings Of Your Chicken To Prevent Flight'

    Me too! That's hysterical - I wonder how many others have viewed this exact video as well. ;)
  8. IzzyMom

    What breeds of chickens do you have?

    We have a mixed flock as well...2 Brahma Pullets, 1 Wellsummer Pullet, 1 Ameraucana Pullet, 1 English Game Hen and 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte Hen. (in the past we've had a Speckled Sussex, Buff Orp., Golden Sex-Link,and 1 Silkie Roo.) ALL of them were precious in their own ways, but my favorite...
  9. IzzyMom

    What Age Can Chickens Free Range?

    As long as they can do it safely, then by all means let them enjoy the great-outdoors!
  10. IzzyMom

    Sponsored Post Therapy Chickens: 3 Flocks Changing the World

    I have 6 "therapy chickens" of my own. However, I had to provide the Village Offices here a prescription written by my Dr. in order to keep them. It was worth every hoop I had to jump through to be able to sit and enjoy their company. They truly saved my life.
  11. IzzyMom

    What Age Can Chickens Free Range?

    That's the advice I used when letting my hen take her chicks into the "big fenced back-yard" (about 1/4 acre with grass, trees, flower-beds, etc...) They are about 10-12 weeks old. My hen is also hyper-vigilant, and extremely aggressive when she perceives a "threat" to her brood. My poor...
  12. IzzyMom

    Comment by 'IzzyMom' in article 'Lulu and Lila, a story of what friendship is all about~'

    Wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing !
  13. IzzyMom

    Comment by 'IzzyMom' in article 'Partridge Plymouth Rocks'

    That POW is absolutely gorgeous!! It's what chicken raisin' is all about :D
  14. IzzyMom

    New Mexico

    Welcome Eselpee! What all do you have in your coop? Just curious - I love to see the variety the state holds.
  15. IzzyMom

    Comment by 'IzzyMom' in article 'NorCal CC'

    Great story. Wonderful pictures. Awesome being able to share in your experience. Well done!!!
  16. IzzyMom

    Official BYC Poll - Which aspect of keeping chickens do you enjoy the most?

    We started out raising them for the eggs - but when the town I live in threatened to remove them because we were not "zoned for agriculture" I almost had a mental breakdown. My husband, by the grace of God, found a loophole, and my Dr. had my chickens declared "therapy animals". I am happy to...
  17. IzzyMom

    coop bedding- what do you prefer??

    We have straw in the coop, and dirt in the run. My husband likes to rototill the run about once a month or so, just to mix things up a bit and give the girls something fun to do. It works for us. Good luck with your new feather-babies!
  18. IzzyMom

    Solo Ameraucana Chick

    So I'm helping a friend out with raising a single chick. She had a broody hen who was not a great mama, killed all but one of her babies, and now that one is with me. She has no other chicks in her barnyard right now, and does not have a brooder, or another broody hen to help her out. So...
  19. IzzyMom

    New Mexico

    Wow! That's quite a flock! Good luck to you!
  20. IzzyMom

    New Mexico

    Hi There! I'm located in Los Lunas as well Welcome! Lots of great people from this state on here. What breeds are you raising?
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