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  1. CountryKitty

    Old Blue Rooster - What Breed?

    Hmmmm...slate legs...could he perhaps be an easter egger? They're often sold as ameraucanas but don't hold to type, so even though he has an erect single comb I have to wonder. They do often have those red patches on the shoulders.
  2. CountryKitty

    Please Help! (Injured Bunny)

    It was very late summer when I took in the rabbits; This was in Central Texas and the temperatures were already in the upper 90's to low 100's. It was way past time for them to shed. Thanks for the info about sweating and that the electrolytes would be overkill. I appreciate the input.
  3. CountryKitty

    Please Help! (Injured Bunny)

    Bless you for tryingto help her...and for being strong enough to end her pain when you thought there was no other way to help her. For what it's worth, I took in 3 rabbits temporarily after a house fire. They were in small cages, very thin, and still had their winter coats although it was...
  4. CountryKitty

    Mystery Rooster - Adult Bird of Unknown Breed/Mix

    Ditto what the others have said about a New Hampshire mix. I had one for 10 years--same behaviors as yours: protective without any people aggression, tidbitting...and was so used to my big German shepherd trotting around that when a young coyote nabbed a hen, Rusty fluffed up and charged it...
  5. CountryKitty

    Muscovy ducks sitting???

    Muscovies will make a nest anywhere they feel like they won't be disturbed or they feel safe. Your girls may be under a shed, in a hollow log, under a parts car, in the shrubbery beside the house--you name it. Someone on another site posted pics of a concrete culvert that her muskie chose to...
  6. CountryKitty

    Where can I take a one-legged healthy 7 week old home raised Mallard duck to be protected?

    I rescued an adult wild dove with a really bad leg a few years ago. I took him to a reahabber who was very happy to have him. She said that while he probably couldn't be released, she regularly got baby wild doves, and having an adult dove around would help them to learn how to act like doves...
  7. CountryKitty

    What gender is this???

    I have one EE pullet that has green legs like her more typical sisters, but no muff or beard--it's the only visible EE trait on her--but none of my EE's has much in the way of tails at 3 months old. Not even the 2 cockerels. What little they do have seems to be held more horizontally than my...
  8. CountryKitty

    Found some chickens...what the heck are they??

    I have some OEGB (my first batch) and they're about 3 months old, and the feathering looks the same as your lovely trio. They still chirp, although a couple have started to crow on very rare occasion. A couple of mine are bluebird sized, others robin sized; an adult OEGB hen wo wandered over...
  9. CountryKitty

    Runt of the flock

    We have an instinct to nurture the helpless--thnk of how helpless human infants are for the first year of life. It's not a bad thing, just a bit painful at times.
  10. CountryKitty

    4 day old chick with hip out of socket can it be put back in?????

    While I haven't had this issue with any of my birds, I am an RN. Mutliple ligaments hold limbs in their apropriate place--any limb out of joint on a human involves torn ligaments which sometimes take longer to heal than a cleanly broken bone. I suspect that even if you put the hip back in its...
  11. CountryKitty

    Breeding Rabbits for Meat

    Off the top of my head, I can offer just a little. Rabbit does will breed very quickly after having babies, so technically you could have a litter per mom per month almost. That would be awful hard on them though, trying to nurse one litter and being pregnant with another. So I would...
  12. CountryKitty

    Our little flock watchers

    Nice! Butcher birds are protective of their own young on the ground--I foolishly picked one up as a young teen and one of the parents slapped me upside the face with its entire body, LOL. Many birds react strongly to a threat like that. My cat Linda (RIP) was a terror to rodents and birds...
  13. CountryKitty

    12 week bunny squeaks and thumps

    Sweat has salt in it--many grazing animals like rabbits love the salty sweat on people. (I remember my dad letting our goat slick his arms after he'd been building a new pole barn, and we had a house rabbit that liked to lick mom after she'd been out mowing in the summer sun.)
  14. CountryKitty

    Rabbit Treats? And breed guessing (:

    Handsome little fellow! The markings remind me of what's called an English Spot.So possibly an English Spot/Lionhead cross? If you've never had a house rabbit before, just make sure he's never let out in the house unsupervised. Some rabbits will housebreak and use a litterbox just fine, but...
  15. CountryKitty

    Found out where my eggs were going >=(

    Thankfully, egg-sucking is a habit that can be broken in at least some dogs. Had an Australian Shepherd who got chewed out for it and never did it again. Ditto my MIL's Great Dane/Dobie cross (his jaws were so huge, he was able to pick up and carry off goose eggs!). Both were well behaved dogs...
  16. CountryKitty

    Will boy ducks try to kill the babies?

    I had a muscovy drake that was a fantastic dad--even looked after ducklings not his own kind. Had a Khaki Campbell who did the overnight time out in hte crockpot with assorted veggies and broth after I caught him repeatedly trying to kill the muscovy ducklings. He was so darned fast the muscovy...
  17. CountryKitty

    Doesn't this make you angry?

    What ticks me off is that sellers certainly know better and continue to offer the poor things as Easter pets for kids. I'm kind of glad that the feed store insists on selling no less than 6 at a time--kind of discourages the folks looking for 'just one for junior/precious'. Years ago just a...
  18. CountryKitty

    Groundhogs a threat?

    Do keep in mind that groundhogs, in digging their dens, can undermine the foundations of buildings. Also, females have been known to go after even adults while protecting their babies, and can certainly hurt a child.
  19. CountryKitty

    Could this possibly be my muscovies egg?

    Handsome fellow! I'm longing for a couple-three-four muscovie lasses to give me eggs...
  20. CountryKitty

    What breed is my Rooster?

    Those lucky ladies--he's gorgeous!
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