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  1. BapNGmr

    Meat Turned Red - Questioning Eating It

    So, our big jersey giant roo met his maker last weekend after attacking everyone in our family. We bled him out, rinsed him, let him soak in the cooler, and then put him in the fridge to rest. Hubby moved him to the freezer last night and mentioned that some blood has leached out and he had to...
  2. BapNGmr

    Brinsea Maxi II Advance Countdown not Updating

    Every morning my new brinsea has updated wth how many days is left. Not so much this morning, it's been 9 days left for over 24 hours. Temp seems to be consistent (according to the incubator) and the eggs are still turning but the time left isn't updating. Anyone run into this? We're supposed...
  3. BapNGmr

    Low Room Temp Warning

    Today I set eggs for the first time in our new Brinsea Maxi II Advance. It's already yelling at me about the room temp being too cold. We have them in the kitchen and we normally set our house thermostat to 65 in the winter. Currently I have the house turned up to 68 but the warning hasn't...
  4. BapNGmr

    Americauna Stopped Laying

    There's definitely no secret nest. They don't free range except for a few hours late afternoon and she's always with the other girls. I'm bummed but I'm thinking she doesn't have much longer.
  5. BapNGmr

    Americauna Stopped Laying

    So, just shy of 7 weeks ago my husband let the dogs out while the chickens were free ranging. The dogs went after the chickens and luckily no one was injured. Unfortunately, my skittish Americauna freaked out and even though she was with the flock when my husband checked on everyone...
  6. BapNGmr

    See any Roos?

    Any guesses before I adopt a jersey roo?
  7. BapNGmr

    See any Roos?

    I'm talking about the jersey giants in particular, though I'd appreciate a heads up on the Orpingtons too. I actually want a roo and have one on order since these are supposed to be girls. Now a friend has a roo, who was supposed to be sure pullet, the same age and I'm tempted to take him...
  8. BapNGmr

    What Went Wrong

    Help me see where I went wrong please. I lost a RIR hen this afternoon. About three years old. I'd noticed for the last few days she'd been sitting a lot and today I noticed it seemed like she was straining. She also had missing feathers under her vent and loose stool but she was still...
  9. BapNGmr

    Little Grey Hen

    So, we got this hen a few years ago at our feed store and don't remember what she is. They've never had one that looks like her again. I also haven't been able to find anything that look like her online. She's a bantam and definitely resembles an overgrown dove. Any guesses?
  10. BapNGmr

    Hens or roos?

    Any guesses?
  11. BapNGmr

    Hens or roos?

    I have four 8-9 week bantams. One (the grey one) has next to no comb and it's still light but the other three (red frizzle, white black tail Japanese, and dark fluffy foot whose name I cant remember) all have combs turning red so I'm beginning to wonder if I got a roo or two or three. Hoping you...
  12. BapNGmr

    Mystery Gray Bantam Chick

    So we got 4 bantam chicks this past weekend but I'm not sure what one of our little (hopefully) gals is. She is gray with a little yellow on her head and she doesn't have fluffy feet. Any ideas?
  13. BapNGmr

    Introduction Turned Ugly

    We have 3 hens who are about 8-9 months old that live in our coop. We have a leghorn, a rhode island red, and a golden laced wyandotte. We also have 2-3 month old hens. A barred rock, a black sex link, and an ameracauna. We had been keeping the three younger hens in the garage in their own...
  14. BapNGmr

    Gender & Breed Help Please

    Hi all, My husband and I purchased a few chicks about a month ago and they were all supposed to be sexed pullets; however, now that they're somewhere around 6-7 weeks we've been hearing something that sounds very suspiciously like early crowing. Whoever it is stops when we get in the room, so...
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