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  1. NatJ

    How many feeders and waters?

    One feeder for a certain number of birds: depends on the feeder. Some feeders let only one bird eat at a time, others let dozens or hundreds eat at once. Some feeders are just little cups hung on the cage (holds 1/4 pound of food, enough for one bird), while other feeders hold 10 pounds, or 100...
  2. NatJ

    The attack of the squirrels HELP!

    Several possible ideas: Chickens often enjoy having their feed served wet. Do the squirrels leave it alone that way? Maybe get a cup or two of feed wet and watch who eats it. (You'd have to put it out fresh each day, to avoid spoilage). It's also possible for chickens to eat enough in two good...
  3. NatJ

    New here

    Where are you measuring the temperature? Baby chicks "need" a certain temperature in the warmest spot (right under the lamp), but they don't need it that warm everywhere. If you're only getting 80 directly under the lamp, measured at chick height (an inch or two up), then I agree with the...
  4. NatJ

    New Coop! Upping My Game!

    Brooding chicks is a lot of work. I prefer to get it over with all at once. Big brooder? Well, yes of course. The most chicks I've done in one batch was 125. They were in a chicken house 4 x 8 feet for the first few weeks, then moved into a 12 x 12 foot space. They lived there until 8 weeks...
  5. NatJ

    I got chicks from Hoover’s hatchery...

    Here are my guesses: Edit: drat, the photos didn't show up right. I've done them in order. 3 Gray/blue chicks: Left chick I think is your mystery chick, but might be the olive egger. If it grows up to have beard/muffs, it's the olive egger for sure. If it's the extra, it's either the...
  6. NatJ

    How reliable a gender indicator is redness of peacomb in Easter Eggers?

    Yes, there is a chance of that. Just like hens have a pecking order, so do roosters. Some roosters will sort it all out with bluffing and ruffled feathers. Be aware, comb injuries bleed badly. So if you find a scary amount of blood one day, don't panic. Look at the combs, and you may find a...
  7. NatJ

    Mealworms To Raise

    Thank you all for those links and information. This is really neat stuff! I've never had any interest in personally raising mealworms, but that's starting to change really fast...
  8. NatJ

    Mealworms To Raise

    Styrofoam? That's really interesting. Has anyone studied chickens eating strofoam directly? I've seen plenty of anecdotes of chickens that did eat it, but never heard that it might have nutritional value.
  9. NatJ

    Mealworms To Raise

    There are plenty of other sources of protein for chickens, if you don't want to deal with mealworms. They just happen to be convenient for some people to raise, and they're readily available for sale, so it's easy to get the first ones to start the colony.
  10. NatJ

    Vaccinate or Not

    Most common reason for mixing: a person has some chickens, and wants to get more--but they either can't match the vaccination status, or they're asking if they even need to try to match. Anytime the question is asked, someone will respond that they have a mix of both with no trouble, and...
  11. NatJ

    Question on the timing of when to harvest meat birds...

    Thanks for the follow-up! That is one enormous egg--are you sure it isn't a double-yolker from one of your other hens? I suppose you'll know more when you crack it open, and you'll know a lot more when you either do or don't get more like it.
  12. NatJ

    Vaccinate or Not

    I'm puzzled here. I thought the way it worked was this: The chicks either have Mareks or they don't. --If the chicks have Mareks, and are un-vaccinated, the chicks spread it to the older birds and all birds have a chance of dying. --If the chicks have Mareks, and the chicks are vaccinated, the...
  13. NatJ

    Using Windscreen Tarps to keep out weasels and raccoons?

    I think that wire with 1/2 inch by 1 inch holes should keep out the same things that 1/2 inch hardware cloth does. Are you comparing with 1/4 inch hardware cloth? (Also, I thought 1/2 inch hole was supposed to keep out even mice and any snake that isn't a tiny baby--am I wrong here?)
  14. NatJ

    How many hens do you replace at once?

    Sounds like same management, same housing, different results. Breeds are same or similar, but from a different source. Looks to me like getting new ones from the old source might be the way to go:)
  15. NatJ

    Got myself in a predicament...

    Can you add another board around the base of the run? You could then pile the bedding deeper, so the surface can be above the water level. Do you have any roosts in the run? That would give the chickens a way to get out of the mud and let their feet dry, without having to go into the coop. (In...
  16. NatJ

    How many hens do you replace at once?

    I don't know what number is the best to replace. I tend to decide what I want to have happen, and then figure out how to make it work. In your case, I can see a lot of possibilities. Have you checked the old birds to see who's laying? Because if all the eggs are coming from your two favorite...
  17. NatJ

    What would you put in your garden for poultry?

    The time I was remembering, the slugs in the rhubarb were the most interesting thing around, so it was fairly easy to keep the chickens there. Yes, it's quite different when you're trying to keep them where they do NOT want to be!
  18. NatJ

    Using Windscreen Tarps to keep out weasels and raccoons?

    Looks like two of you were posting at the same time! Cryss, the post just above yours has details of both the dog kennel, and the doghouse inside it that will serve as a coop for sleeping and nesting.
  19. NatJ

    when to give chicks oyster shells??

    You can start offering at any time, as long as it's in a separate container, not mixed into the feed. If they do not need it, they will not eat enough to hurt themselves. Anytime, preferably with a fake egg inside to help them recognize what it's for. I agree, that should be fine. The...
  20. NatJ

    Meat breeds

    You CAN eat any chicken, at any size. Some people eat quail--it's hard to find a chicken smaller than that! You can butcher chickens very young. I've been known to butcher 4-week-old bantams. You get miniature "wings" from the hindquarters, and 1 "chicken nugget" from each half of the breast...
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