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  1. glassdragonfly

    Question about cold temps

    Update, Mercury is more her normal self this morning. Eating like a pig and talking a lot. Poop normal.But her balance is still not great and she is using her wings to stop falling to her sides. So she will stay in the house until that is better. Hopefully no more problems! :fl
  2. glassdragonfly

    Found a strange dead rooster in yard today

    Might have been one of his sons if the girls hatched any chicks. Weird things happen with chickens:rolleyes:
  3. glassdragonfly

    Question about cold temps

    Thank you Azygous! She is doing better,but not her normal self yet. She just drank some warm water and is settling in to sleep. She did eat some warm chicken and rice. I'm going to keep her nice and warm tonight. :fl Hopefully she will be fine in the morning! Off to get a warm towel and cuddle...
  4. glassdragonfly

    Found a strange dead rooster in yard today

    :idunnoIDK,but strange, My stepson had a roo go missing for months,then it showed back up. That summer the road crew was working nearby and the guys were feeding the chickens,so we think someone took some then ended up with a roo they couldn't keep.:D
  5. glassdragonfly

    Choanal Slit.. completely gone?

    :celebrateGreat news! Tiny is a lovey boy!
  6. glassdragonfly

    Fox Attack Recovery

    :(So sorry for your loss.
  7. glassdragonfly

    Question about cold temps

    :frowHi Everyone! I have a strange problem. Mercury has been doing great,living in the garage,being spoiled rotten. But today she went into her little box and I thought she was going to lay her first egg. But no egg,wanted no food(:eek:) Crazy for Mercury! So I got worried and brought her in the...
  8. glassdragonfly

    Prettiest table eggs I've ever seen...

    :jumpyGood luck!
  9. glassdragonfly

    Rough Rooster

    Sounds like your boy has a favorite! I use saddles for this problem. I make 2 to fit the hen that needs them and switch when they get dirty are wet. A pain when it rains everyday but it really helps the girls. :frow
  10. glassdragonfly

    big problem for small rooster

    :welcome :hugsSo sorry for Tiny! I can't help,but hopefully some of the other more experienced folks will chime in.
  11. glassdragonfly

    Palliative Care

    :hugsThe time is different for everyone and every creature. No,you are not being bad owners! You are concerned and trying to keep her in comfort. Sometimes that's all we can do. Sounds like your girls have had a great and safe life. I have some chickens that are up in years and they seem to have...
  12. glassdragonfly

    10 wk old with injury- advice please

    :hugs Good luck with her! She is super-cute!
  13. glassdragonfly

    Raccoon attack! Help!

    :hugsSo sorry! I have seen chickens do fine with one leg,but the crop issue worries me. The small can just be dried blood and the coons smell. I would clean her up,see if the skin can be wrapped around the crop(if the crop is not opened up). She looks very alert so I would try to save her. Give...
  14. glassdragonfly

    Is this chick healthy?

    Looks like he's got slayed legs. This might help.
  15. glassdragonfly

    Frostbite, lost both feet - My hens story

    :loveWonderful story! So glad Peg made it. Maybe some prosthetic feet?
  16. glassdragonfly

    Chicken keeps jerking her neck?

    :hugsPoor girl! Such a pretty girl! Hope she recovers.:fl
  17. glassdragonfly

    Disoriented, crouch-walking Pullet. What's wrong with Pippa?

    :hugsPoor girl! Hopefully some of the more experienced folks will jump in soon.:fl
  18. glassdragonfly

    Chicken Wheelchair Needed for Paralyzed Hen

    :loveShe's a lucky girl to have you!
  19. glassdragonfly

    Chicken Wheelchair Needed for Paralyzed Hen

    :welcomeGood luck with your hen! I think a wheelchair would be great for her. Pvc should work and the wheels look like they are from those plastic roll around drawer sets that wally world sells,so they would be easy to get. Sew a seat and she's good to go! Best of luck to ya and your lucky hen.:love
  20. glassdragonfly

    White stringy thing on chickens eye

    :welcomeI don't have any advise for you but wanted to say welcome. I'm sure some of the others will know whats going on. Separating her was a good idea.
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