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  1. Krodsorin

    Show pens?!

    Where can I buy show pens for pen training birds or does anyone have plans I can follow to build my own? Thanks Jade
  2. Krodsorin

    The Ancona breeders thread

    Ancona in Australia
  3. Krodsorin

    Furness Colour Genetics

    Do you have that colour above in your Cochin bantams??
  4. Krodsorin

    There are no stupid questions.

    There are no stupid questions.
  5. Krodsorin

    Furness Colour Genetics

    Well we call it furness in australia! haha
  6. Krodsorin

    Furness Colour Genetics

    Hey all i have a furness pekin pair and I recently bought a black pekin hen, what colour offspring would a Furness Pekin rooster produce with a black hen?
  7. Krodsorin

    Hen or Roo? Please help.

    Yep rooster :)
  8. Krodsorin

    Leghorn Blue

    Leghorn Blue Created by Krodsorin Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: The Bantam Blue Leghorn Some people believe that the Blue Leghorn is the most attractive of all the varieties in the breed, and is perhaps, one of the most difficult to produce. They are a flighty bird as...
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  10. Krodsorin

    Show Off your good Photos

    I don't know why everyone kept this thread going... BUT IM SO GLAD YOU DID, THE PICTURES ARE ALL AWESOME!!!!!
  11. Krodsorin

    The Most Beautiful Cross-Breed of 2010! *With Prize*

    Quote: woahh, that bottom bird looks so much like a cross bred EE i sold at the auctions once.. lol
  12. Krodsorin

    suggestions for a rooster

    Leghorn? Ancona?
  13. Krodsorin

    im pretty sure I know but Ill ask...

    6 weeks.. definately a boy.
  14. Krodsorin

    Brahma Show and Brahma mutts ENDs 12 May 2010 WINNERS!!! Posted!

    Crele Brahma Rooster, Approximately 1 year He is 1 of about 4 of the only Crele Brahma roosters in Australia. And i don't think there are any in America.
  15. Krodsorin

    The Saga of Fatima of the Gold-dust Feathers! UPDATED - Fatima died...

    This sucks...... Im From AUSTRALIA I cant get me one....
  16. Krodsorin

    A story of recovery

    and guess what..... now she has fowl pox.... the mozzies have been busy round here...
  17. Krodsorin

    A story of recovery

    About 2 months ago, one of my easter egger girls (about 13 weeks) started to walk around like she was drunk. i had seen this before (Mareks) the days went on and she got worse and worse until she wouldnt walk at all.. she would still eat when i put here near food. a few weeks later i knew she...
  18. Krodsorin

    Warts.. what could it be?

    Ear lobes, comb,wattles, brows the warts are all over their faces... they look similar to the warts people get they seem to be much sleepier than normal... falling asleep all the time, eating less.. what could this be? please help..
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