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  1. LoftonFarm82

    **CONTEST CLOSED** Contest #7 Cutest Baby Fowl - 9th Annual BYC Easter Hatchalong

    Our two newest additions! Emu just hatched 3 days ago!
  2. LoftonFarm82

    Floppy, shaky duckling who keeps falling on his back!

    I just had 3 brooder ducklings acting drunk and flipping around onto their backs... I let the brooder go over the weekend (crazy ice storm issues) and it was duck poop soup come this afternoon. Doesn't take them long to create a toxic environment. I pulled them and tossed them in the bathtub...
  3. LoftonFarm82

    Wood pellets for duck bedding

    I use equine fresh pine pellets in my brooders, heard about it from a chicken breeder that swears by it. My brooders are indoors and it's the only bedding that keeps the odor under control. only problem I have it keeping it dry with the ducklings splashing water out all day.... I started putting...
  4. LoftonFarm82

    how often do ducks lay egg?

    Has anyone hatched any double yokers? I was wondering if I should just but them in the fridge or if they are hatch able?
  5. LoftonFarm82

    how often do ducks lay egg?

    Mine just started mating a couple months ago and laying this past month... And lay eggs every night... Don't some breeds lay year round.... This was the first to hatch so far.
  6. LoftonFarm82

    Straw in incubator?

    I did something like that with shavings.. Raised the humidity too high and lost the entire batch because of it. They all fully developed but didn't lose enough weight to be able to hatch out... It was sad!!!
  7. LoftonFarm82

    how often do ducks lay egg?

    The adult ducks will kill them. I brought one of my duckies out for some fresh air and the Drakes ran over quite aggressively.. I snatched him up before they could hurt him. I'm incubating all of mine and raising them inside and building a separate pin for them until they are large enough to...
  8. LoftonFarm82

    post your chicken coop pictures here!

    I built a treehouse coop. Eventually I'll put shingles on and paint it.. The chickens turkeys and one of my ducks all share it.
  9. LoftonFarm82

    how often do ducks lay egg?

    My Pekin started laying and I'm incubating them. Up to 5 eggs and she's laying daily. Her drakes are mallard, khaki Campbell, Pekin and blue Swedish. I'm so excited to see how diverse the ducklings will be. I have 3 other ducks but they haven't started laying yet. I've got 28 barred rock Cochins...
  10. LoftonFarm82


    Our puppy injured one of our ducks and i gave him a few days to recover and decided to kill and clean him.... I picked 3 fleas off of me and washed a dozen off of him. Fleas will apparently attack chickens, ducks, and anything they can. I frontline all our cats and dogs.... So the fleas our...
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