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    This is Goldy's daughter, Nugget
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    This is Goldy as an adult
  3. Ms Clucky

    Comment by 'Ms Clucky' in media 'Young Goldie Making Eye Contact With Camer'

    It's a boy. I should have stated that. I really didn't know what he was until his comb grew out and he started crowing.
  4. Young Goldie Making Eye Contact With Camer

    Young Goldie Making Eye Contact With Camer

    Goldy is not camera shy
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  6. Ms Clucky

    Rooster Crowing "too" early?

    Mine have crowed in the middle of the night sometimes.
  7. Ms Clucky

    2 year old americana no eggs to be found

    Look at her beak to see if she has yolk on it. They eat the shells also. If not, she might be at the end of her cycle.
  8. Ms Clucky

    I Now Have 30

    I have 30 chickens. 3 Silver Duckwing: Blindie, Thursday and Dumpling 5 B.B. Reds: Brownie, Fudge, Red, Winnie and our newest addition, Peanut 3 Creles: Cloe, Clover and Clairabell 1 pure white: Snowy 2 white with small black spots: Polly and Nilla 2 Blue: Smurfette and Blue 1 Milli Fluer...
  9. Ms Clucky

    Broody bantam

    Yes they are still safe to eat. If you don't want her to set, just keep the eggs out. She will get over it in a couple of days. If she don't, maybe put her in a cage in the chicken coop until she stops being broody.
  10. Ms Clucky

    What should we do differently? Have our fist dead chicken.

    Maybe put tarps on the pen for a wind barrier. Just put them on with zip ties.
  11. Ms Clucky

    Chicken walking in constant squat-help!

    I had a hen do that. It is most likely an egg thing or she ate a really dried worm. You might want to look ate her vent. Don't pick her up or you might crush an egg if there is one inside.
  12. Ms Clucky

    Egg problems :(

    I have been cracking their eggs, cooking them up so they don't know what they are eating and microwaving the shells and crushing them up in the feed along with the eggs. That will take care of the soft shells and it will make their feathers shiny.
  13. Ms Clucky

    Random Rooster Questions/chicken psychology

    Question 1: Has your roosters been rolling around in anything smelly? Question 2: Put some hot pick spray on your roosters. The hens will not like it. You won't either, so be careful not to spray near your face. Question 3: Maybe this hen is the feather picker or she is a certain color that he...
  14. Ms Clucky

    Chickens will not go into coop.

    Try putting a dim light in the coop. When you go in to shut the door, just shut the light off. I use to have to do that for the first couple of weeks after I put my bantams in their new home for the first time. I still have to shine a light on the roost for one of my roosters because he was...
  15. Ms Clucky

    Chicken friendly racoon

    Some one may have raised the coon or it doesn't like chickens.
  16. Ms Clucky

    cutest chicken names!

    Peppe, Poppie, Tripod, Pearl and Bunny
  17. Ms Clucky

    Chicken lice!!!! Please help!!

    I think they are mites. Looked them up on Google. I am going to get some D Earth powder tomorrow. Hopefully that will work. Thank you all for the suggestions.
  18. Ms Clucky

    My Poor Little Dumb Rooster

    Took has been in there for about 3 weeks. He is 1 year old this May 31. The coop is a 10 x 12
  19. Ms Clucky

    Chicken lice!!!! Please help!!

    They are little round bugs that don't have wings.
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