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    Who am I?

    Nope, well, maybe till doctor give me prohibition.
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    Who am I?

    Welcome to BYC, lets get straight, animal lover, are you vegan?. Just want to know, well, not really. Well, i still dont know how BYC people react to drive thru menu tho, since i only here for few days. My science background make me feel a bit hearthless, you know, guinea pig, lab, ether...
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    Your Polish Chickens: How Well Do They Lay?

    I have tried to refine my breed to get the junglefowl gene inside, by re breed the most similarly looking chicken, i realize that it's become harder each generation, seems that their productivity goes down. Well, maybe i should delay this project, or just drop it, and just buy real junglefowl...
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    Your Polish Chickens: How Well Do They Lay?

    Whats the cockerel?, how much egg in total/laying?, how much survived?
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    Your Polish Chickens: How Well Do They Lay?

    These chicken hit the taboo hard.
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    Your Polish Chickens: How Well Do They Lay?

    So, i got something from my genetic class, that chicken with crest have a lerhal R genotype that can kill chicken if they have double R on its genotype, normal chicken have rr genotype, while crest have Rr. which mean, you can get 50% crest, 25% normal and 25%lethal/ die from crest×crest, or...
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    Chicken Original

    While girl trying to shave their feet.
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    8 month cockerel lost an eye in a fight?

    Then all of it must be a trauma, he's not lost his voice, he must be afraid, he might not crow again if the silver laced was around.
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    8 month cockerel lost an eye in a fight?

    So, who's the winner, they might fight each other again if the pecking order havent been established. But even if it's established one might develope a trauma, or another one will constantly chasing the other. Well, every case is different, you just need to observe them, but for now separating...
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    8 month cockerel lost an eye in a fight?

    Likely, maybe he only got some dust in his eyes, there might be another problem if he dont open his eyes tomorow.
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    HOLD THE PRESSES: Duane Urch is Done?!/Future of American Purebred Poultry

    I know this kind of thing gonna happened soon or later. Only the fittest will survive and remain, today demand is speed, as long as you have fast grow and productive one you'll gonna make it. Old breed usually grow slower, most industrialize people dont see any point in keeping them alive. In...
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    Funny Ducks

    Who need a migration when you have a nice comfy home. Well, the only species that enjoy the snow is a kid. But after the intese heat wave and fire, a snow do sound nice.
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    Is Egg Theft Common?

    We have monitor lizard here, but they wont go near the coop, it seem that they already full with the trash and leftover food. We also had some snake, but snake population had been decreasing recently, i havent see any snake a few years back, the road development must have hurt some of the species.
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    Help, chicken with sore or broken foot/leg

    I still feel the cringe when i step at my chick. Worst memory.
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    Is Egg Theft Common?

    You should consider a cannibal chicken too, i used to have an egg cracker hen, i used to lost some egg, i search under the coop to check if the egg was rolling down but i couldnt find any, till someday i caught her red handed pecking, cracking, and eating her egg. Umm...., i mean red beaked...
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    Chicken ear has a feather impaction????

    Seems fine, just left it be, even if he lost his left ear he still have his right. Mine lost his right spur, it was too long then get tangled and break, he got limping for a while but he's fine right now.
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    Guinea Treats

    Some bird prefer more veggies and some prefer meat.
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    The Most Dangerous Coffee Shop- A Role Play

    So they also have something like this. Is there also truth or dare here.
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    LGBT chickens? Is this possible?

    I just foud some LGBT chick!!! Footage:
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    Rooster with a sore throat???

    BYC biggest nightmare, lol
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