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  1. Player Hater

    havent posted in a looong time

    but I'm still here and I still have my birds
  2. Player Hater

    IT'S HOT. Don't forget to check on your birds!

    If it's hotterenhell in your area, Remember to observe your birds during the day (if you can) and see if they look uncomfortable. If they are standing around in the shade with their mouths hanging open, looking miserable, try and help them out. Some fresh cold water in their drinkers, some...
  3. Player Hater

    Properly accidently

    Have you ever done something by accident or coincidence, and later found out it was something you are supposed to do? I spilled a bunch of food grade DE in the run, said @#$%&*!, and raked it around and diluted it with dirt as best I could, and figured it probably wouldn't hurt them. (this was...
  4. Player Hater

    camo netting; anyone else like to use it?

    i cut some cheapey camo netting into strips and put it all along one side of the run i think it looks cool and it will break up the afternoon sun a little maybe i'll add more camo netting other places and paint the coop od green, that would be pretty hilarious let slip the chickens of war
  5. Player Hater

    - The Chicken Conspiracy -

    How can we stop these dangerous criminals?
  6. Player Hater

    Talk about the weather.

    How's the weather? Good or frighting? Sunny skies, or rain and lightning? Are you running for cover? Building an ark? Or taking your dog for a walk in the park? Are you drinking hot coco, or lemonade? Forgive me if this thread has already been made.
  7. Player Hater

    Your chickens aren't complete idiots

    but sometimes it takes a minute to figure out why they do the things they do. We've been getting a lot of rain here the past week or so. Instead of leaving my birds stuck in the brooder all day being stinky, I rigged up a tarp over part of their run so they could still be outside. The...
  8. Player Hater

    i hate chicken wire

    it's flimsy, dangerous, and unmanageable i didn't have hundreds of dollars for hardware cloth, so i went with this garbage if i had to do it again, i would have saved up for the hardware cloth ugh
  9. Player Hater

    been raining for days, my little flock is stuck in the brooder :|

    they are getting too big and messy to be in the brooder all the time i want to take them outside so they can help me finish the run
  10. Player Hater

    "they'll be ok for 2 seconds"

    I had four pullets. So, the past few days, I've been letting them fart around in the unfinished chicken run while I'm out there working on wiring it the rest of the way shut. Being outside with the sun on their backs and their feet in the grass is much better for their health and well-being...
  11. Player Hater


    With all the discussion about coyotes, and raccoons, and blowing away various predators, I thought we could have a thread for showing off/discussing GUNS! Let's see your noisemakers. Here's a few of mine.. I like my guns old and cheap.
  12. Player Hater

    Cardboard coop models

    I have a lot of cardboard boxes left from moving, and I was thinking about using some of them to help me work out a coop design/floorplan. Anyone ever tried making scale models of coops? I may post pics later if I decide to try it...
  13. Player Hater

    Hello Me Want Egg Birdies For Make Me Eggs

    Ahoy there. Here's a picture of the crummy dog run along my back fence. I don't have a dog, and if I did, I wouldn't cram it in there, so I was thinking of making a chickenwire roof over part of it, and building a coop for 2 or 3 hens. Then my tiny dog run becomes a luxurious chicken run. I...
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