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  1. ih66series

    How to break broody hens

    I have 3 wyandottes that hatched out 6 chicks between them and now all three want to be mothers. I only want one to take care of the chicks so how do I get the other two to snap out of it?
  2. ih66series

    Hens on strike

    I know that hens normally slow down laying in the winter, but I am getting at the most 5 eggs per week from 12 hens. Last summer I could get 50 or 60 eggs per week. The 9 oldest are about 16 months old and I have 3 wyandottes that are 1year old (2) and six months old (1). Is this severe drop off...
  3. ih66series

    Mites!!! Frost bite too!

    How do you get rid of mites? If it matters the chicken were I found them is about 2 months old. Also, the tips of its toes are black, so is there anything I can do for that? It limps really bad.
  4. ih66series

    BLRW cockeral

    I want a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte cockeral with good bloodlines. I am located in Central PA. Please PM me.
  5. ih66series

    Possibly a Wheaton Wyandotte?

    I hatched a bunch of mixed breeds with some BLR Wyandottes and I picked this one out thinking it was a Wyandotte. The feathering has me confused. It does not have a straight comb but there were some EE cross eggs in the incubator which have pea combs but this chick has no muff or beard. Any...
  6. ih66series

    Holland Lops in PA

    Does anyone in Pennsylvania breed Holland Lops? Looking for a Sable Point Doe.
  7. ih66series

    Wyandotte eggs

    Does anyone have any experience with wyandotte eggs hatching in 22 days instead of 21? This is my second hatch with them and that seems to be a trend because the other eggs in the incubator were different breeds and they hatch mostly on day 21.
  8. ih66series

    Take the chicks out?

    Today is day 22 and about 27-29 of my 37 eggs have hatched and the first ones started 48 hours ago. Should I take the chicks out?
  9. ih66series

    Chicks are hatching. Take them out?

    Some of my chicks are hatching. Should I take the dry ones from the incubator or should I leave everything alone until its all over? There is water on the windows. Would lifting the top hurt the ones that are only pipped?
  10. ih66series

    Is the humidity too low?

    Day 19, on lockdown. I filled the troughs in the incubator that I was instructed to and the humidity won't pass 60%. Should I leave it or open the inucbator and try to bring it up?
  11. ih66series

    Incubating odors??

    A couple of days ago, my incubator started putting out a really fowl, rotten smell. Today is day 14 of incubation. Is this normal?
  12. ih66series

    Candling on day 5

    I tried candling on day five and the only thing I could see was a dark blob. They are brown standard size eggs, and I have never candled or incubated before, so my light might not be strong enough. But, is it normal for dark, thick shelled eggs to be tough to see through?
  13. ih66series

    Fluctuating temps?

    It is day three and the temps in the incubator keep rising and falling between 98 and 100. About every 20 minutes it goes down and back up. Is this a problem?
  14. ih66series

    Got a problem. Any answers?

    I set 40 eggs yesterday at 5PM in my incubator. At 11PM the temp was steady at 100 degrees. At 6:30AM the temp was up to 103.5!! I backed it down and I came home at 3PM and it was down to 96! I turned it up again and maybe I have it ok now but what did that range of temps do to my eggs...
  15. ih66series

    How do you place eggs in the turner?

    Does the small end point toward the bottom of the incubator?
  16. ih66series

    Can chilled eggs be hatched?

    If I put eggs in the refridgerator, can I pull them out, let them sit and then put them in an incubator?
  17. ih66series

    How do you dewing a chicken?

    A couple of my chickens keep on jumping the fence and I was wondering if a mature hen can be dewinged. If so, how is it done?
  18. ih66series

    Washing eggs?

    What happens when eggs used for hatching are washed lightly in soapy water?
  19. ih66series

    Does anyone know what breed this rooster is?

    I do not know his age but thinking 2 years, what breed is he?
  20. ih66series

    Silver Laced Wyandotte Cockeral FREE

    5 months old. My main rooster doesn't like him and they fight so one has gotta go. email me [email protected] or PM me
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