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  1. SquirrelGirl

    Mixing 2 different types of feed bags together save money?

    I buy Purina Layenas pellets for my chickens. I plan on having about 150 chickens though!! So I am trying to come up with the cheapest most effecient way to feed them.. but still get eggs. If I mixed a bag of layers pellets with 2 bags of plain ol scratch, would that give them enough nutrition...
  2. SquirrelGirl

    Help me name my business

    So I am re-naming my business because I no longer am a graphic designer.. Im a CHICKEN FARMER!! So what would be a good name for my brown egg selling business? I am not allowed to say "fresh" according to NM laws unless they are graded by the USDA. My little place has a metal ranch sign that...
  3. SquirrelGirl

    Chickens For Charity - Join the team!

    13. Do not solicit donations or charitable requests for yourself or other people or organizations.
  4. SquirrelGirl

    What breed is this cute little chicky? PICS

    Hi guys! I ordered a suprise assortment of rare breed chicks from awhile back and now I am wondering what kind they are. You can see the pics here: <------ this one I really want to know.. she is so...
  5. SquirrelGirl

    Send chickens to people who really need them?

    Hi guys! Does anyone know how to send chickens overseas to starving people? I would like to donate baby chicks to them every month when I hatch! Is there any laws from preventing me from doing this? I do not want to go through a charity orginization where I pay $25... I just want to send them my...
  6. SquirrelGirl

    A loooong coop plan - *picture*

    Ok chicken farmers.. I need ideas! Here is the lovely picture I made : I plan on having as many chickens as possible I plan on having Peacocks/hens as well I also will have quail (incubating now) The purple fencing in the...
  7. SquirrelGirl

    Why oh why are my eggs always cracked?

    Every day I make my egg run and usually find about 2 out of 5 that have cracks! They usually are not all the way through like that.. its usually just cracked.. no actual holes. Does anyone know what those purple little vein...
  8. SquirrelGirl

    Do you make a living off of raising chickens?

    Just curious.. do any of you make a living (or just extra cash) off of raising chickens.. by selling eggs etc? How much do you make a week on average?
  9. SquirrelGirl

    How to get chickens to use nesting boxes?

    Hi everyone!! My husbadn made some nesting boxes for my chickens about 3 months ago but still no usage or laying inside! They seem to only want to use them to sleep on the very top. Today we screwed the boxes to the wall so that they were not laying on the ground. When It was dark I went to...
  10. SquirrelGirl

    Candeling brown eggs is hard! Please help :)

    Hi guys! I was trying to candle some of my broody chicken's eggs and I could see through some of them but then some I could not see through one bit. The ones I could see.. I did not see any veins but I did see a dark spot that looked like a normal sized yolk. Another one was a very large...
  11. SquirrelGirl

    Broody chicken is leaving her eggs!

    Hi everyone! I am new to raising chickens and have a question. One of my Buff Orpingtons has been laying on her eggs for about 3 days now. She picked sort of a strange spot.. not in her nesting box but behind some plants! This morning she was running around making all sort of "bok bok bok BOK...
  12. SquirrelGirl


    Hello! I am from New Mexico! I have 8 Buff Orpingtons who are JUST starting to lay eggs! I am completely new to chickens but man o man I am in loooove! I joined this forum hoping I could get some help with any questions I might have about raising them. Nice to meet you all!
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