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  1. Kay56


    Please post all ads in the appropriate BST section. Thanks ~Staff
  2. Kay56

    Chickens on the Patio - Am I Crazy?

    We currently have our hen house and run about 10 ft. from our deck and patio. It is not a problem until it rains and the sand on the run bottom gets wet...AND IT IS VERY STINKY. That is my only issue with having it so close to the house. On a hot day with damp sand the flies and smell is not...
  3. Kay56

    Please Post Your Pics Of Landscaping Around Your Coop.

    Lmoreau70 .... can't get any better than that....I can see my chickens and a lounge chair
  4. Kay56

    Hi from Virginia

    Hi and Welcome from Fincastle
  5. Kay56

    Please Post Your Pics Of Landscaping Around Your Coop.

    sushifish........Absolutely AWESOME! Do your chickens dig up your plants much??
  6. Kay56

    Please Post Your Pics Of Landscaping Around Your Coop.

    Hi...Thanks so much......I think we are planning on making a roof to cover the run out of the tinted corrugated plastic panels for the winter. Right now we have a brown tarp we will use for rain that covers 3/4 of the run but leaves a couple feet exposed to sun. Trust me I think just a square...
  7. Kay56

    I have a chick pecking the other chicks feathers out and eating them

    Thanks......yes I pick each one up and take them to the run each morning and then put them back in the brooder in the evening. I just finished the coop yesterday and will put them in it tonight for a few days confined so they can get used to it ....still a bit chilly here at night do not...
  8. Kay56

    I have a chick pecking the other chicks feathers out and eating them

    Don't mean to intrude on this post but I was just about to post something about finding feathers from one of my 5 week old chicks. (5 feathers so far) Just started yesterday but have not witnessed any pecking from the others. The particular chick is an Australorp and her feathers look very...
  9. Woodland Coop

    Woodland Coop

    We decided in December we would give a couple of chickens and a few bees a try. I must confess this has been a lot more work than we initally thought it might be....but fun. There was always just one more thing to do. We live in the country but in a large subdivision so I still had to be...
  10. Kay56

    hi from ireland

    Hi gabrielle32...glad you joined. My husband and I have been to Ireland and it is by far our favorite place to be (other than here in Virginia) Hope to make it back there again next year. What part of Ireland are you from? Sounds like you have quite the chicken addiction and are thoroughly...
  11. Kay56

    Building a coop...... What were we thinking?????

    Hi fricknfricassee....we too have been married for 35 years and honestly found this project has taken so much longer than either of us ever thing leads to another (landscaping, electrical placement., security etc.) There was a point we sat down and said "this is nuts"! Where did...
  12. Kay56


    Hi...I currently have 2 female EE's that are 5 weeks old tomorrow and I need to re-home them...I have 8 now and my coop just will not hold that many...actually ordered these 2 for a friend who backed out once they were ready to leave the brooder. I am in Fincastle.
  13. Kay56

    novelty chicken coop "Egg-tra Special Chicken Coop

    It is Awesome....more pictures please.
  14. Kay56

    Who uses their chicken compost?

    Thanks guys...appreciate the off to find a compost spot and start with the brooder poo.
  15. Kay56

    Who uses their chicken compost?

    So what exactly do you put in the compost? Wood shavings, poo, grass, food????? I would like to start one once the chicks get out into the coop in a couple of weeks but we were not sure what should go into it for the garden.
  16. Kay56

    Our Coop (pic heavy)

    Very nice indeed!
  17. Kay56

    Pressure treated lumber in coop

    Our run is pressure treated wood and I think most of the folks here have also used it outside in the run area....not advised for the inside of the coop though unless it is covered with wall board of some kind.....The stain will be OK should be just fine.
  18. Kay56

    sudden death in 6 chicks(2 weeks old)

    What kind of heat lamp are you using...several folks here lost their birds to their red heat lamp bulbs being shatterproof. That kind lets off toxic fumes. Several posts on here about that so you can easily look up to see if that could be your sorry about your chicks.
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