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  1. jilld

    Does anyone have funny quirks about themselves like:

    reading these makes me feel almost normal i cant no matter how hard i try,drink out of a cup that isnt white inside...and it must be rewashed before my drink is made, no way could i ever eat a piece of toast made by someone else towels can be any way no problems which way the loo roll goes on...
  2. jilld

    Hi from Western NY

    Hello and welcome
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  4. jilld

    Men .vs. Women

  5. jilld

    Your absolute FAVORITE movie of all time....

    mine has to be a few good men, with Tom cruise love that film
  6. jilld

    Hi all

  7. jilld

    Signs of a Child Molestor/Sexual Predator

    these are such sad threads...i am so sorry for what you have been through,this is a parents worst nightmare and i feel deaply for you.the world as it is today makes us overprotective of our children,we need to try to get the balance right. we need to teach are children stranger danger we also...
  8. jilld

    Weird things your dogs/cats have eaten?

    horse muck/dog poop/frogs.....yuk...but wont eat a biscuit unless you break it in half
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  10. jilld

    Do you wear a helmet every time you ride?

    patandchickens wrote: "lookin' good in a coffin or wheelchair, or having lost job and all friends due to personality changes from head injury, but nice lookin' hat" Oh my gosh, that DOES happen. You may still be standing and alive, but a completely different person than you once were! I've...
  11. jilld

    How many quotes game

    birdsofthefarm wrote: obe10 wrote: new bird wrote: 12 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa 14 ljgvbkjvkjvkvbkv.kvk.v.kvukvbk.uvgkuvjuj.uvgbjkvbug.kvbhvnvbj n.khvkj 16
  12. jilld

    My chicken has a dirty butt

    just got over this with Matilda one of my chickens,she had a touch of diarrea(always spell that wrong) and her butt was really dirty,got hubby to hold her while i cleaned off what i could with warm water and then i trimmed all the dirty stuck together feathers off her butt,it worked a treat soon...
  13. jilld

    Hi from an old fool in Spain

    hi again victoria the weather on merseyside is awful today,rain rain and more rain you aint missing much
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