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  1. The Turtles

    The Turtles

    My third oldest turtle, Fred. She is almost 14 years old now... Picture is a bit dated. Snappy, Fred, and Little Peach all hanging out in the tunnel together. The fake red tort in the upper left corner used to be Fred's enemy till she got older and calmer. My undisputed alpha male turtle...
  2. Umbral_Necropolitan

    So discouraged! Any solutions for broodies? Please?

    I usually just give my hen a bath if she stays broody longer than what is normal, then again my hen enjoys those. So it benefits us both.
  3. Umbral_Necropolitan

    Rooster "tossing" baby chick??

    Maybe it had a concussion and was dazed, got lucky and pulled through? I know my hen likes to toss her food around, so maybe the roo thought the scab was food and was trying to get it off or away from the chick?
  4. Umbral_Necropolitan

    Pearl or Earl? Blue Wheaten Ameraucana?

    Looks just like my bird Mist, when she was that age... She is getting brownish-red feathers on her wings now.
  5. Umbral_Necropolitan

    Are OEG and Modern game Chickens Mean?

    I've seen OEG be nice to other birds or be mean, depends on their personality. Had one that was so sweet with his girl, giving her food and such while another one would peck the hens and chicks if they got close to his food.
  6. Umbral_Necropolitan

    Spin off: What's the LEAST you've spent on a chicken? :)

    A little more than two dollars, think its an EE, from TSC.
  7. Umbral_Necropolitan

    Chicken noises

    When should I expect my chickie to stop making chickie noises and start making pullet noises? She is almost 5 weeks old now and I've recently heard her make some deeper sounding noises than the usually squeaky noise.
  8. Umbral_Necropolitan

    lost a chick now 2nd chick has swelling below neck area

    Is the swelling off center like to the right side of the body? It could just be its crop is full.
  9. Umbral_Necropolitan

    Chicken Hysterectomy

    Quote: It could also be a vets skill in preforming the procedure that dictates the trauma of the surgery... I know that from having surgery three times and various stitches from accidents that a doctors skill makes a huge difference in recovery time. Just curious but does your hen have to...
  10. Umbral_Necropolitan

    I have a chick who WANTS to be a pet!!! (CUTE PICS!)

    Sometimes I think my chickie wants to be my friend while other times she seems to be off in her own world. Most of the time she will follow me around when taken outside for playtime, but when there is something new to check out or more people around than just me, she tends to be more...
  11. Umbral_Necropolitan

    Should i let him?

    My little pullet, in the past, has tried to get on my shoulder and my hat (its a Indy style hat), but I haven't let her. I try to set boundaries on where she can sit on my arm and hand so she knows I'm the boss. I've seen hens put their babies in there place, so I figure the same goes with...
  12. Umbral_Necropolitan

    My new EE chick is part tiger cub!

    Wow, that is something else... never seen a chicken with colors like that before.
  13. Umbral_Necropolitan

    Help! My 1-2 day chick can't walk(NOT sprawled legs)

    Quote: Alot of chickens have had the broody attitude bred out of them, if you are planning on having several broods of chickens you might want to get a broody mama to hatch and raise your babies. Good luck with your little ones.
  14. Umbral_Necropolitan

    Avian necropsy, anyone sent off a chicken before??

    Don't know about necropsy procedure, but for human corpses cold temperatures help preserve bodies. The better shape the corpse the easier it would be to find a cause of death, since decomps tend to have warped/damaged features.
  15. Umbral_Necropolitan

    Am I doing the right thing...........

    Quote: I use a teddy bear to keep my chick happy, she loves cuddling with it and sit on its head... before I put it in the brooder with her, she would peep her head off if I wasn't next to the box.
  16. Umbral_Necropolitan

    Why does my day old turkey keep chirping?

    I had that problem with my chicken until I put a teddy bear in with her, does your turkey make a fuss when you are with it?
  17. Umbral_Necropolitan

    chickens and box turtles

    Box turtles should be able to pull in their shells if they are bothered, but I wouldn't risk the two interacting. One lucky peck or bite could mean the loss of a pet. I have eight turtles right now, all live indoors since people steal them if left outdoors. I know my turtles don't have much...
  18. Umbral_Necropolitan

    What about a cat?

    I've seen stray cats stalk and terrify my birds, (granted my roo is a coward) luckily my neighbor's dogs chases strays off.
  19. Umbral_Necropolitan

    bringing broodiness back? weird question...

    The only thing I could see wrong with breeding broodiness back into chickens is that it would change the current breeds. For example if you bred a roo from a non-broody chicken breed and say an OEGB, it would have a cross breed. Someone might be able to breed several generations of crosses to...
  20. Umbral_Necropolitan

    Three adjectives to describe your breed of bird

    OEGB Flighty Territorial Broody These are three traits I've noticed that the chickens living around my house have.
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