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  1. colonel sander

    Barred Rock Hen

    No she was sold local over a year ago.
  2. colonel sander

    How much did it cost for you to build your own coop?

    It is always going to cost more than you figure You can plan it out to a t and then something comes up. In the end I do not even want to add up what I spent in materials My time well I do not even count that part. After looking at what is out there if you are handy with a saw and hammer just...
  3. colonel sander

    How to install hardware cloth?

    I also used a air gun and 1 inch crown staples to put mine on. I then covered the wire with 4 inch wide boards to hide the seams.
  4. colonel sander

    Barred Rock Hen

    She is my top hen in the pecking order and needs a new home. She lays an average of every other day and sometimes more. She is about 10 months old and a great hen but does not get along with the newbies to the flock. I would love to see her go to a new home. I can also deliver to the Portland...
  5. colonel sander

    Coop Walls

    I agree with this post. But I used OSB for the intrerior of my walls with plywood on the exterior only. I just put a few good coats of paint on it and it has held up really well. If you build a good coop the walls should not get wet on the inside. I did use 3/4 ply on the floor and caulked all...
  6. colonel sander

    Colonel Sanders Member Page

    Well here is the flock so far. I actually added one more so now we have 4. I am in the process of building a coop and will post pics and start a thread for it once I really get going. So far we have one of each a silver and golden laced wyandotte, black australorp and a barred rock. Well it...
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  8. colonel sander

    Urban Coop

    Quote: Dimensions of the enclosed run and coop are 5'x12' and the coop itself is 5'x4'. Outside run is about 25'x15' overall. Total number of birds is 6. Thanks for all the replys I do love the coop but if I had it to do over would probably go another rout with a bigger coop.
  9. colonel sander

    My daughter is allergic to PB....can I feed old PB to our chickens?

    Steve, No problem on my end I just do not want to see anything happen to anyone. I am not allergic to PB but my son is. After having this we have read alot on it. I have heard of people dieing from being kissed by someone who ate a PBJ sandwich. Not something I want to mess with. Lucky fo us...
  10. colonel sander

    Urban Coop

    Quote: Thanks! I built it myself. I have done metal work all my life but have been around construction also. It took me about 3 hours to build at my shop and then a few at home to get it to rust. I really like it and can not wait for the little ones to get bigger so I can take the wire down.
  11. colonel sander

    My daughter is allergic to PB....can I feed old PB to our chickens?

    Quote: Not trying to be rude but have you dealt with a peanut allergy? Like I posted earlier in this thread I have a son who is allergic to peanuts. I also have spent hours in the emergency room with him when he had a reaction. Why would you even want to take the chance of something happening...
  12. colonel sander

    My "Garden Coop" project: The inside is finished! *NEW PICS*

    Quote: Your local home depot should be able to get it for you. It is listed on there web site just look up Suntuf and it is Solar Gray for the color. I used the clear over a deck I have and it has worked great so far. As for the coop great build. I love these coops and have a few around my...
  13. colonel sander

    Layer feed prices

    We are right around 20 for a bag of organic layer feed. I do not go through alot of it as I only have 6 hens and feed all sorts of other things to them.
  14. colonel sander

    hard to install automatic chicken door opener?

    If you follow the directio9n it is simple. I did not have enough room in coop to put it directly above the door so I just screwed a eyebolt right above the door and ran the opener to one side of the eyebolt. Adjusted everything and it was done. Great product for the money.
  15. colonel sander

    My daughter is allergic to PB....can I feed old PB to our chickens?

    I would say no also. We have a PB allergie here also for 12 yrs now I keep dreaming of peanut butter on toast maybe someday when they are gone We pretty much do not buy anything that has PB or is made on shared equipment.
  16. colonel sander

    Mealworm farming

    Quote: I just set up a 10 gallon tank and purchased 2000 of them for it. I purchased the worms from Amy (WestKnollAmy) here on the board.
  17. colonel sander

    Pictures of your home-made coops and runs!

    Here is mine and the run also. I do not have any predators that I am really worried about. I have dogs in the yard so they keep anything at bay until nightfall when they are safe in there coop.
  18. colonel sander

    Mealworm farming

    Temperature question what is the tops that anyone has had them at? I have differant temps all through my bran. I am trying to have them in my garage with a lizard mat under the tank. Temps range from 100 right at the bottom in the middle to 65 on top in the corners. I figure the worms will work...
  19. colonel sander

    Flock block

    I have one and do not like them. Mine stayte dry but still smells and well they like it and do not at the same time. Once it is gone I will not buy one again. I feel that etween scratch and layer feed plus treats that is enough for them. My original purchase of the flock block was when I penned...
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