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  1. Southern Gardener

    Are eggs still good?

    Excellent. Thank you!
  2. Southern Gardener

    Are eggs still good?

    I ordered eggs on the internet and they were shipped on the 13th and I received them today. Do you think they are still good to put into the incubator or has too much time passed?
  3. Southern Gardener

    Sick birds? Not sure

    Quote: 2 and 3 years old. Brown and runny. I called another vet today and he told me to worm them and treat them for a bacterial infection. I bought Wazine 17 and Sulmet - sulfamethazine sodium 12.5%. I'm wondering which one I should use first? any ideas?
  4. Southern Gardener

    Sick birds? Not sure

    No, it's diarrhea. I called my vet last week and they know nothing about chickens.
  5. Southern Gardener

    Sick birds? Not sure

    I have 15 hens, my oldest hen stared out with diarrhea and three more have it now. They are loosing feathers on their bums, although my oldest one seems to be over it and her feathers are starting to grow back now. There are NO signs of: blood in poop worms in poop lack of appetite lethargy...
  6. Southern Gardener

    Chicken worming

    I have owned hens for almost three years now (they don't free range) and have never wormed them. I've never seen - nor have I looked for - worms in the poop. I have DE in the coop shavings and give them ACV every now and then. Do I need to be giving them something else and more often? I sell...
  7. Southern Gardener

    Help with run problem - pictures

    Thanks for the suggestions! Looks like I'll be buying landscape timbers!
  8. Southern Gardener

    Help with run problem - pictures

    Colorado, yes I've had to shovel more dirt also, but it takes a LOT of dirt to back-fill the entire run. Frog, concrete might just work for me.
  9. Southern Gardener

    Help with run problem - pictures

    I'm having a problem with my run washing and my chickens digging out. Any advice on how I can prevent this would be appreciated. Joan
  10. Southern Gardener

    What do I do-chickens have fowl pox

    We've had so much rain here! OMG what a mess! Just about all of my girls have the pox. So there is nothing I can do about it? The mosquitoes were absolutely HORRIBLE this summer. Is this harmful to humans?
  11. Southern Gardener

    Old chickens beating up new chickens

    Quote: Not my two bullies, these witches are out for blood. These same two still bully my EE's but they've learned to dodge them.
  12. Southern Gardener

    so they let Michael Vick back into the NFL?

    I don't give a rats a** if he served a life sentence and was raped everyday of his miserably life in the pen - it still wouldn't be justice served IMHO.
  13. Southern Gardener

    Old chickens beating up new chickens

    cmom, that's a good idea. I'm going to put the two bullies by themselves and put the young girls in the big run and I'm definitely going to keep the hose handy. Thanks!
  14. Southern Gardener

    Old chickens beating up new chickens

    I've separated my four young girls from my older hens. They are in the same run but separated by a fence. They've been separated for a week. My young sweet speckled sussex got into the older girls run and my usually sweet buff orp and australorp almost killed her. I'm so ticked at the older...
  15. Southern Gardener

    So how many of us have AC in their coops?;ft1_cooling_exhaust_fans-ft1_fogging_systems_1-ft1_low_pressure_fogging_systems_2;pg102323.html Anyone have something like this? I thought I'd try it. We've got three fans running now - one inside the coop, one in the run and one one on our younger...
  16. Southern Gardener

    Lets Talk WINE!!!!!

    Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon $10.99 Love the rich dark fruit YUM!
  17. Southern Gardener

    Tomorrow is the day

    Mine were 10 weeks - I would have kept them a week longer, but it's so hot here now - the high today is 96 and the flies are unbelievable! We got up at 5:30 this morning and started at daylight and finished 16 birds by noon. My mom came around 9am and pitched in - she can pluck a chicken in...
  18. Southern Gardener

    Gazillion flies!

    Thanks LynneP - going to call my feed store and see if they carry that.
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