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  1. hexabob

    My broody what?

    I have 1 coop with 11 hens and 2 roosters. My Salmon Faverolle hen decided to go broody, so I figured I'd leave her alone and see what happens. She was sitting on 12-15 eggs, and this morning I came out to find 4 chicks with her. She is sitting of the rest of the eggs still. I put a small feeder...
  2. hexabob

    Add-A-Motor Chicken coop door motor on sale

    After wanting the Add-A-Motor Chicken Coop Motor for a while I came across this place which has the best price I've seen on it. $75.97 Use coupon code E5OFF50 to take another $5 off it, and shipping is free I'm not...
  3. hexabob

    Cutest Chick Contest

    Not named yet Black Australorp 1 day old Not named yet Gold Laced Cochin 1 day old
  4. hexabob

    Solar powered LED lights for chicken coop?

    I have my kids old powerwheels battery in my coop (4x4x4) with 3 individual white led's inside and 3 flashing reds outside. Paid maybe $5 for the lights on ebay, and have a cheap solar panel hooked up to it. I don't know if it's bright enough to promote laying, mine are still little, but it does...
  5. hexabob

    Picked up some chicks today...PICS

    Hatched yesterday or last night
  6. hexabob

    Picked up some chicks today...PICS

    I ordered 9 chicks from Ideal and went and picked them up today. Everybody looks healthy so far, they didn't want to stand still for pictures... Black Australorp Silver laced cochin Gold laced cochin Black Minorcas Buff Orpington Salmon Faverolles - 2 pullet 1 male
  7. hexabob

    Anyone have new chicks coming?

    I will be picking up 9 chicks tomorrow from Ideal. Can't wait!
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