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    Welcome to Triple E Apiary and Chicken Farm's page. I strive to keep healthy, happy, productive chickens. I'm a high school student that takes chickens and honey bees as SAE's for FFA. I raise meat bird, laying hens, various bantams, and an occasional turkey. My family and I keep 5 hives...
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    My baby and her new babies! :)

    the problem with hollands is that they're too cute. You love on them so much when they're babies and they get mad when they get less attention and start to bite! lol I suggest rench and English lops to anyone who wants a good house bunny! They're Super goofy and gentle!
  3. OhioEggs

    What breeds are these?(Rabbits)

    Quote: I googled the standard chinchilla, looks just like the silver(or grey - whatever it's called LOL)!! We were thinking lionhead mix on the orange. Is there any way to tell "easy" age/gender? Catch them and check their genitals. only real way. Do they have dewlaps? If they have dewlaps...
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    What breeds are these?(Rabbits)

    the "silver" is some sort of chinchilla breed. Maybe a Standard chin. the orange is definitely a MUTT. looks to have some wool breed, and looks like a giant Lion Head.
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    Other Pets & Livestock Database

    Breed: Mini Lop Experience needed: little, but always do your research! temperament: Varies from rabbit to rabbit, but proper handling always helps. Orgin: Germany diet: most are a fed an all pellet commercial diet. treat are given simply as treats. Hay can also be fed in moderation...
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    Cleaning Outdoor Rabbit Cage

    Diluted bleach will do the trick. It's in any city water anyway!
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    Telling the Gender of Barred Rock Chicks

    Any thoughts on those? they are sired by a barred rock (hatchery stock) and their mom's are either easter eggers, or RIR's.
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    Which beekeeping kit looks the best? Which would you recommend???

    Check with Mann Lake, Kelley Bee Supply, or Dadant. You wont regret buying from any of those companies.
  9. OhioEggs

    Got a question about rabbits/chickens??????????????????? =)

    idk.... I definitely wouldn't do it.
  10. OhioEggs

    Laying Flock

    All are still available.
  11. OhioEggs

    Matted horse tail? - What can I do???

    Most important: Make sure you start at the bottom and work your way toward the horses butt. Otherwise you're just going to tighten the knots. I've had luck with Mane n' Tail Detangler and i like the feel it gives it without the stink like MTG. A knife cutting vertically helps too, but make...
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    Laying Flock

    I'll PM you.
  13. OhioEggs

    Laying Flock

    They are all still available. Let me know how many you're looking at.
  14. OhioEggs

    Laying Flock

    Will not ship! Around 5 RIR from Meyer ( 2 years old), around 7-10 Easter Eggers from Ideal (around 1 year old), and 2 bantam brown leghorns (born in June) 3 or 4 silkies (born in June) ALL HENS 2 Brown Bantam leghorn roosters, and 3 silkies roosters. Looking to reduce my flock. Keeping 6...
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    Is this a normal new chick poo or is this bloody? (pic)

    I'd be more worried about why they're pooping on my white carpet!
  16. OhioEggs


    I was ranting. just momentarily fuming. Someone that had no experience tried to tell me i was doing something all wrong.
  17. OhioEggs


    It seems like every one in there are just bossy, know it all. Most of them with little experience, that need to tell me how to do everything. Watch who you get advice from, they may not know any better!
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    Post your FIRST EGG pics!

    Okay, so not my first egg, but my first Easter Egger Egg with my new girls. I've had started pullets and hen before, but this is the first I've raised from chick to egg! It feels so much more significant.
  19. OhioEggs

    AMERAUCANA finally laid her first egg - blue!!! Now what?

    Just post a pictuer of her! Everyone will be sure to let you know
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