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  1. lynnwalton13

    how often do ducks lay egg?

    I have a pekin and i think she is laying eggs somewhere..i have not seen her with the rest of the ducks for a day and a half, could she be on a nest some where?? we have a field with tall grass by our creek , could she be in there with a nest?? she is always out and about in our yard....kinda...
  2. lynnwalton13

    Need help..

    I have 4 rhode island hens and i have seen 2 hens under by door steps and thats where the nest is..they are 7 months went from 13 eggs the day i found them to now 18 as of today, i have took some out and i only left 8 ...i have looked at all them and they r fresh eggs and havent been...
  3. lynnwalton13

    Need help..

    Thank you..Should i take some out of the nest?? maybe leave 6 or so??
  4. lynnwalton13

    Need help..

    I have a nest that started out with 13 and as of yesterday there was 17...Went out this morning and now there is 14 but i did found a couple in the yard..Why is she pushing the eggs out the nest into the yard??? Im new to all this chicken stuff!!
  5. lynnwalton13

    how many Eggs you get today

    found 14 under one hen today...
  6. lynnwalton13

    Free Ducks and Geese -East Texas

    where are you located at? im near lufkin...
  7. lynnwalton13

    My chicken's nest

    Well, i have 4 it might be her's and another hens...I didnt know how many a hen can have in one i just went and looked but didnt touch but the eggs are everywhere under there not in just one place..
  8. lynnwalton13

    My chicken's nest

    All brown eggs but like 4
  9. lynnwalton13

    My chicken's nest

    I just found a nest that my chicken is layin under my door step and there is 13 eggs , could they be all hers or another chicken is layin with her??
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