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  1. tdgill

    Dealing with bird mites; my home, my hens, my itchyness!

    I had gone through terrible itchy phase and thought it was mites or scabies ewww. I think what I actually came in contact with was chiggers. And not at my house/yard but at a park picking dandelions
  2. tdgill

    Medication for sour crop?

    The vomiting in my opinion can be too dangerous...certainly not something that should be done repeatedly (in my opinion) I fear that they can become dehydrated and die from that... I've had great success with the generic 3day monistat suppositories. I Divide each of the three suppositories into...
  3. tdgill

    winterizing and coop humidity

    Still wondering what size the original poster's vents are....I would be tempted to add more ventilation even still. One thing I have made use of where draft is concerned is an old towel or blanket to hang and secure over extra Windows
  4. tdgill

    Three eaglets on Eagle Cam!!!

    I haven't been on in ages and then I find your interesting post! Makes logical sense...apparently eagles think it's a great place to live and if none have claimed the area and a nest, then plenty are going to scope out the property! Let's hope there's hope!
  5. tdgill

    what is this? ?

    Whatever it is from it is not typical in my flock
  6. tdgill

    what is this? ?

    No special change in diet except increase in protein to 20% layer pellets...scratch grains...peas...romaine lettuce. Duck seems otherwise normal activity but either less preening or occasional fluffing up
  7. tdgill

    Worming ducks

    It thought seeds were not good for ducks...I read it can cause diverticulitis?
  8. tdgill

    Dealing with bird mites; my home, my hens, my itchyness!

    Don't forget there are straw mites...itch mites.... mites in grains too
  9. tdgill

    Wet bedding

    What a nice run you have! With some shelter from wind and a covered area from rain I would think the ducks would prefer to spend some time outside anyway.aren't they well insulated from cold naturally?
  10. tdgill

    Wet bedding

    Ducks seem to make lots of moisture even without spilling water. The more they are inside with water and food the more they will be poo-ing.even only being enclosed over nite without food and water they will make a decent mess that should require a fresh light layer of bedding. How many ducks do...
  11. tdgill

    Geese w PTSD?

    hold the dog hostage and train it...tell owner that it is better than shooting it.
  12. tdgill

    anyone use 5% ivermectin on cats?

    we have a miserable looking stray that is visiting us. I have fed her and watered her (poor kitty was VERY thirsty!) and she has bumps all around her ears and neck and is itching...I think I might try some of the 5% ivermectin pour on for her. Thinking the dosage of 1/4cc is good?
  13. tdgill

    Feeding Ducklings free ranging with Chickens

    I just figured out a way to let my ducklings out to free range and eat their start and grow without my laying hens gobbling it all up first. I hung my garden hose over a chair near the duckies feed pan and duck taped it...turned the nozzle so it just barely sprinkles and voila! It keeps the...
  14. tdgill

    Wyandotte, Barred Rock, Dominique, vs Rhode Island Red for rooster?

    Well you wouldn't want just one duck. They need a buddy. and there is a whole new set of rules and guidelines in duck ownership. :-) Male ducks can be hazardous around chickens if they attempt to mate them. And they just might. Ducks must always have access to drinking water in order to wash...
  15. tdgill

    Can I "de-weed" grass that my chickens will live on?

    keep in mind also that weeds are some of the most nutritious stuff out there. Chickweed, dandelion, wild lettuce, lamb's quarters etc. :-) We should all be eating as well as our chickens do
  16. tdgill

    How many roos?

    I'd start off easy like, with your 6 hens and just add a rooster. I think that is the best plan for now. As you get more experienced and learn what works then you can consider expanding your flock. No need to add the 2 RIR hens...just keep it simple with adding a roo and see how it goes. You...
  17. tdgill

    Wyandotte, Barred Rock, Dominique, vs Rhode Island Red for rooster?

    Not sure if this is actually true or not, but I also think a calm and well behaved rooster is one who is pretty secure about how things go in the chicken yard. If you have screaming kids running around, or things going on that he may perceive as threatening - then maybe that makes em worse. Or...
  18. tdgill

    Wyandotte, Barred Rock, Dominique, vs Rhode Island Red for rooster?

    I absolutely adore my marans roosters. Sweetest, calmest and most beautiful roos I've ever seen. Nice big handsome birds and gorgeous eggs! Let me add that I've had several marans now and their temperament has been consistant. I'll always have Marans...
  19. tdgill

    How many roos?

    Way to go on the've earned my respect!
  20. tdgill

    How to prevent the chickens from eating only grass?

    trying to figure out how I still have lots of grass.... only have 1/4 acre fenced for birds. They have access to their feed pretty much 24/7, get scratch grains everyday and free range all day. Into my fifth year with chickens and ducks. Maybe it has to do with climate and rainfall keeping grass...
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