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  1. ChickenAlgebra


    While I fully admit that I am not the best speller, and there are likely typos in this post, even as an English speaker with teenagers, there is a lot of text type and such here that make the posts very hard to read. I've seen it on other forums, and it's a fairly common rule, that text type...
  2. ChickenAlgebra

    Ugh, horrid song

    Radio plays the Pumped Up Kicks song all day. Ugh. It sounds like it's talking about the Westroads shooting, so hits way too close. Plus, kid wanted fame in his suicide, so let's make him bigger. Just disgusting.
  3. ChickenAlgebra

    What may hatch?

    Have a BR sitting on eggs, hatching this weekend. Still not sure what we may see. Hens are blue JG/Orps or BR. Roo is a bantam frizzled lemon blue Cochin. Exactly what may the chicks look like?
  4. ChickenAlgebra

    Not sure what to think

    Full disclosure - my male biological material donor was a Vietnam War vet. He did likely have PTSD or some problems from that. But he just died. I feel nothing but happiness. He and the female donor are nothing but horrible, evil, sick people. They should have been in jail years ago, but...
  5. ChickenAlgebra

    Where to get emu feathers?

    DD14 needs emu feathers for decoration of something she's doing. Got me on exactly what. Where is a good place to buy some? Etsy, ebay? She needs a lot apparently. I have no idea. I think I'd like to keep it that way.
  6. ChickenAlgebra

    Advanced degree in chicken math

    The chicken math started with 3 hens running around for fun, and we are now here. We've had chickens for 20 years now, got into them because we moved out of the city and they seemed like fun to have around plus the goats. Plus, unlike goats and horses, they provided some of their rent. Now...
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