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  1. Jferlisi

    Sick hen?

    So i have a hen the has an issue. I have noticed over the last few days that she has been walking funny, kinda waddling, so yesterday i checked her over and she has no wounds, no bugs, nothing is wrong with her rear end. She is eating and all comes with it. Today she wont come down from the...
  2. Jferlisi

    Backyard flock in need of rooster.

    Im looking for a new rooster for my backyard flock. Last night something got my rooster cause someone closed the coop door early and locked him out while i have been away. He was a lovely black ameraucana and im hoping someone is needing to rehome a rooster in the menifee/temecula area of...
  3. Jferlisi

    The Random happenings of my day to day life.

    So i figure today is as good as any to start a Thread of my own with what happens in my day to day life. Quick background story, i live with my sister and her husband as a live in nanny. They have two boys and he works construction as a super for a company that builds bridges all over the us, so...
  4. Jferlisi

    Silkie x Cochin Cockerels

    I have two silkie x cochins cockerels up for sale. One is frizzled color im stumped on, the other is black and white straight feathered. Father was a frizzled white cochin bantam and mother was a black silkie. They were hatched on 2/28/12 making them almost 3 months old. They both have 5 toes on...
  5. Jferlisi

    Starting a silkie breeding program from "scratch".

    Ok so i have 4 silkies, 1 splash roo, 2 black hens and a white hen. I have breed them a few times and out of the white i have hatched a few blue partridge and out of the blacks i have hatched blue and blue partridge and one partridge. I would like to start a program of my own from what i have...
  6. Jferlisi

    Few questions on breeding my silkies.

    So I was hoping i could get some help with my silkie breeding pen. Atm its a blue i geuss. I have a splash non-bearded roo over a black non-bearded and a black bearded hen. So far i have hatched out 7 blue chicks and 2 have 5 toes on there left and 4 on there right. All parents have 5 toes. They...
  7. Jferlisi

    Barring from non-barred parents.

    So im kinda wondering cause of the whole black sex-linked and all, about my chicks. The mother was a black silkie and the father was a white frizzled cochin bantam. I hatched out 3 chicks and one is black and the other two are barred.Could they be sex-linked? Im a little stumped here. Any info...
  8. Jferlisi

    silkie x cochin chick color?

    So i am kinda wondering what color these chicks would be i have two of them. The hen was a black silkie and the roo was a white frizzled cochin. I believe one of the parents of the hen where partridge since she has a few brown spots on her wing feathers. Thanks. =)
  9. Jferlisi

    Silkie/cochin cross.

    I have 2 silkie/cochin crosses cockerels that i need to sell. They are both just over 6 weeks old and both carry the frizzled gene. One is splash and the other is black. Both have 5 toes each foot and the splash has a walnut come and the black has a single.I believe they would be prefect for a...
  10. Jferlisi

    New to ducks.

    So im kinda hoping to get the run down on all things ducks. My BiL got two baby rouen ducklings at the store today. We are hoping for a pair so we will see. Im kinda hoping to get a crash course in ducks. =) Thanks in advance also are they known to go broody? We have had chickens for a few years...
  11. Jferlisi

    Venting about my incubator. LOL

    So i have a hovabator that im about to smash to pieces. I have tried about 6 hatches with it, 4 bought, 2 of them i picked up and 2 of my own eggs. Each hatch has had a few of my own eggs in them too. I have gotten 1 chick out of both shipped and one was 24 the other was 12. The eggs i picked up...
  12. Jferlisi

    Silkie x Cochin Gender?

    I hatched out 3 mystery chicks on between 1/11 and 1/12. They are all silkie feathers but there feathers and this ones comb. We contacted the person we got them from and she said they could be silkies, silkie x polish or silkie x cochin but since the feathering on the legs are so heavy i would...
  13. Jferlisi

    I have lice. =(

    So today i was out messing with the girls and picked up my girl marge. (she is 1 of 3 that will let me hold her. lol) And i noticed she had lice eggs on her feathers around her earlobes. So i thought great, so i looked her all over and she has them bad, i dont know how i didn't notice them...
  14. Jferlisi

    Newly hatched silkie.

    So i have one silkie that hatched almost 24 hours ago. I just took it out of the bator and noticed its eyes are close. I can see the eyes moving under the eyelid and i believe they were open yesterday. Is this normal or is there something wrong? Also it has a bump on the top of its head. Does...
  15. Jferlisi

    Emergency, chick hurt.

    So i have a 3 week old silkie chick who is hurt. My 4 year old nephew was throwing rocks into the brooder and hurt her. She has a cut on her leg and doesn't want to move much. She wont follow mama around. I have her in the house atm with a heat lamp and vitamen water and feed. What else do i...
  16. Jferlisi

    Four month old EE cockerel

    Up for sale is a four month old EE cockerel. He is a ameraucana x leghorn mix and is all white except for a few black feathers on his left wing. I am culling him since i will not be using him and have 3 other roos and he will not be part of a breeding pen. Local pickup only please. PM me with...
  17. Jferlisi

    WTB Silver lakenvelder hatching eggs.

    WTB hatching eggs form silver lakenvelder. Doesn't have to be amazing stock can be from just breeder stock. Im looking to start breeding them and cant find anyone breeding them. I have checked hatcherys and they have them but they have way to much white in there neck feathers. Thanks.
  18. Jferlisi

    Out of the blue chick deaths.

    So some of you may have read my other post about me having problems with a few hens. Well today about 12:00 noon i went to check on my broodie. She had 4 1 week old chicks under her. This is her third time raising babies and the first two didn't have a single death. 1 of the 4 chicks was hatched...
  19. Jferlisi

    Very tough decision.

    Ok so i have 3 sick hens, they all seem to have upper respiratory infections. They are all three just over a year old- ones a Speckled Sussex, ones a light brahma, ones a silver lakenvelder. I have raised all three since babies and about 2 weeks ago i lost my bantam SS to a coyote. I have been...
  20. Jferlisi

    Four month old EE cockerel

    Up for sale is a four month old EE cockerel. He is a ameraucana x leghorn mix and is all white except for a few black feathers on his left wing. I am culling him since i will not be using him and have 3 other roos and he will not be part of a breeding pen. Local pickup only please. PM me with...
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