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  1. lovethepeep

    ideas for my duck house

    Hey all! We have an earthpond that's about 13,000 gallons. We dug it out and left one stump in the middle. Our hope was to put a duck house on it and let the ducks use that at night for protection from predators (pond is also in the middle of a fenced in garden). I was originally thinking of...
  2. lovethepeep

    is duck poo poisonous to dogs and cats?

    I have a small pond (8ftx15ft- 3 ft deep) and plan to get ducks, but someone told me today that ducks poo is poisonous to dogs? My dogs and cats will drink the pond water at times, so if this is true, it's not going to work out. TIA
  3. lovethepeep

    lost our first hen last night... to a ???

    Third year of hobby farming, and we lost our first 5 week old chick last night . I am 99% sure it was a fox, because my neighbor saw the thing run across her horse pasture from our yard just before lunch (thought they were nocturnal!). So now I am finally in the "predators and pests" section of...
  4. lovethepeep

    Need Advice!!!

    I have a mother hen and her 5 chicks, and a golden comet that seems to want to kill her! She runs after her every chance she gets and grabs the back of her neck and won't let go! I could just kill her! Not sure what to do... give her away? build a seperate coop? WHY is she doing that?!?
  5. lovethepeep


    I am new to this so bear with me . My hen has 5 little chicks under her, a few more hatch each day, out of 11. She is in a nesting box, in a large hen house with adjoining run. I am wondering HOW and when she's gonna get herself and babies down to eat, drink, and then where does she go? does she...
  6. lovethepeep

    coops, and mice, and cats- OH MY!

    We have a storage building with an adjoining chicken coop. The coop is predator proof, but occasionally they are out about in the yard to free range, and I can't say that we ALWAYS remember to lock them up at night. The storage building has a family of mice living under it, and I really don't...
  7. lovethepeep

    question about coops, mice, and cats

    We have a storage building with an adjoining chicken coop. It is predator proof, but occasionally they are out about in the yard to free range, and I can't say that we ALWAYS remember to lock them up at night. The storage building has a family of mice living under it, and I really don't want to...
  8. lovethepeep

    question about breeds and laying...

    I am wondering if my mixed breed hens (that are due to hatch may 10th) will lay as well as the pure bred hens? may be a totally stupid question.
  9. lovethepeep

    HELP- Do Broody Hens ever change their minds? !!

    My hen sat on her eggs for 10 days, and all of a sudden she is up and around the yard... is that just her one break of the day? or has she decided not to sit anymore? I'm nervous! I was so wanting her to raise those babies!
  10. lovethepeep

    HOW do we cull this ROO?

    We have a big, aggressive, Roo that needs to be culled. I have tried to post him on forum's for sale, and even free, but no one seems to want a big aggressive roo . So... we are planning to cull him tonight or tomorrow. He attacks my children, and will even come after us when we go to put food...
  11. lovethepeep

    Broody Hen Q's

    Hi all, it's been a while since I've posted! One of my Buff's has been in a nesting box for 4 days now... guessing she's broody! . We have a rooster, so I'm assuming all the eggs under her are fertilized (?). I have a couple questions, as this is our first run with broody hens! #1- Do I really...
  12. lovethepeep

    Need help with BREED of rooster!!!

    Do you think breed makes any difference in temperment amoung roo's? I have a barred rock roo that is FEROCIOUS! I have to get rid of him, as he won't let any of us in the coop! I am though, hoping to have another rooster in the hopes that one day, I'll see a chicken raise her own babies . As I...
  13. lovethepeep

    Giving away barred rock Roo Charlotte NC

    we would like to have hens only, and one of our flock is a Roo.. he is pretty, about 25 weeks old, and I don't want to have to cull him. Someone please come get him! I'll send pics upon request, jsut not sure how to post them here... thanks!
  14. lovethepeep

    Shell-less eggs?!?!?! what are your thoughts?

    I have a chicken that has a confused system... or nutrient deficiency... i went out today to find a shell-less egg (looks like an egg, but feels like jello, and then a yoke sitting right beside it... I AM TOTALLY CONFUSED! what are your thoughts?!?
  15. lovethepeep

    my chicken has a "bad" leg... help!

    One of our Silver Laced Wyandottes (about 20 weeks old) is hopping around on one leg. The other leg she holds up close to her body and the toes are slightly curled up. She gets around fine by hopping, but she also lays to rest a lot... everything else about her looks fine. She is eating and...
  16. lovethepeep

    I have ONE WEEK! Wish me luck!

    So I've been super procrastinator... making up one excuse after the next, but now I have a deadline. I have a sick little chickie that needs a fixin', and if she's not showing signs of getting better, or doesn't die on her own, she is being slaughtered next Saturday! Hubby is doing the deed, and...
  17. lovethepeep

    Do birds know when others are dying?

    I have a 8 week old sickly bird, who will not stand straight, always leans to one side. Can't access food or water, so my boys and I have been treating her like a handicapped family member and helping her to her food and water...she's still living so far. The past two nights, instead of...
  18. lovethepeep

    food- house or run?

    Where do you keep your chicken feeder and waterer? in the house/coop? run? or both? I've got mine in thier coop, but the chicks don't seem to want to go INSIDE and eat, (or go in to sleep at night for that matter...) I thought of maybe putting a feeder and waterer in the run as well... what do...
  19. lovethepeep

    proof that I'm nuts over chickens...

    I bought a $4 box of crickets to feed them today . I even have a crippled chicken that I cornered in away from the others so she could have her pick, and keep it! I'm nuts!!!
  20. lovethepeep

    feeling oh so nervous!!!!!

    A good friend of mine who lives outside of our county was visited last week, and told to get rid of her chickens. If you don't have 5 acres, you can't have livestock. period. now I'm worried! We just built a fancy coop and run, and are in love with our chicks! how do I find out the laws?? and...
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