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  1. BlueHenDel

    Recovery from possible avian flu?

    Ok, I kept myself from screaming HELP in the title line, but HELP! My 1.5yo PBR's comb was looking purplish, she's skinny, don't think she's laying (was a good layer), extremely lethargic, eyes closed. Looked like every chicken I've ever seen die/had euthanized. I put her in a small dog...
  2. BlueHenDel

    50 degrees too cold for 4+5 week chicks?

    I have two 5 week old Blackstars and one 4 week old EE in a small coop on my screened porch. They are protected from wind. This is their 2nd night out in the coop. They sleep cuddled together in the bottom wired part of the coop. This coop is very small; it's the Townhouse from My Pet...
  3. BlueHenDel

    Very quick question: Rusted dog pen ok?

    I searched about this but didn't find the specific info I needed. Would it be ok to put 4.5 weeks old chickens in a rusted dog pen for an occasional nice day? I would be putting their plastic feeder and waterer in there as well. Thanks! Del :)
  4. BlueHenDel

    Babies DOA :'(

    My anxiously awaited for chicks arrived in the mail today. I only ordered 4 -- 2 Amber Links and 2 Easter Eggers. I was practically jumping up and down in the post office for it to be my turn. Had my phone camera all set and ready to go. Opened the box like a kid at Christmas and the 2...
  5. BlueHenDel

    Name change

    Hi, everyone! I used to be DelBlueHen, but something funky happened and I was locked out. So I had to create a new user account. Thanks for the years of GREAT information, help, and support! :love I'm a small flock owner and now have about 4.5 years of experience. I moved and inherited 6...
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