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  1. rarely bored

    12 week old OE

    This bird came out of a BHep egg, the egg was an olive color. At first I thought it was a pullet because it didn't exhibit any roo features, but now I'm not to sure. I'm seeing the pretty metallic green sheen in the wing area and it is acting a little roo-ish. Here is the picture, the black...
  2. rarely bored

    My free goose

    background: The local feedstore had 3 geese which were special ordered for a client. When the geese came in, the client refused them and the geese remained at the feedstore. When nobody bought the geese (months later) the feedstore held a raffle in order to find the geese new homes. In order...
  3. rarely bored

    Advice Needed on Buff Tufted Goose

    The local feed store had special ordered a pair of Buff Tufted Geese, only to have the person who requested them back out of the deal. So, when the geese didn't sell, they decided to hold a raffle -- for every $10 or $20 spent in the store you could enter to win a goose. Well, the horses...
  4. rarely bored

    Orpingtons - An ocean apart??

    A Place to Compare and Contrast the Orpingtons developed in the United Kingdom and continued in the Americas, and how their location has affected their characteristics. The Orpington vortex is a powerful and difficult force to deny in the land of the Chicken Lovers. Many people grab a hodge...
  5. rarely bored

    4 week old orps

    At this age I can tell what gender my other chickens are, but these guys are more difficult. They are my first attempt at hatching shipped eggs and I'm enjoying the colors but am clueless on gender. #1: black orp #2: #3: #4 #5 #6 oops, missed one, there should be 7. Taking free...
  6. rarely bored

    I was pushed!

    So there I was, happily eavesdropping away in some thread about hatching fluffy butts, when someone posted something about a brinsea incubator being on sale. Hmmm, thought I, that would be a great way to get new chickies, teach the boys something beyond bionicles, and make me get off the fence...
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