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    My girls have gone on strike! Help!

    All three of my girls have stopped laying eggs. I have had 2 eggs in the last 10 days. Nobody is molting. They are healthy, well fed, have lots of space to roam, fresh water, etc. I have searched every inch of the yard and there are no hidden eggs. Could it be because it is so freaking hot...
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    Free range pigs on half an acre??

    Hello!! We have a home on a full acre. Half of that land is somewhat steep and wooded. We were considering fencing it is and raising a couple of pigs for our family to eat. I do not fore see us ever having more than two at one time and do not care how much they root around out there. So my...
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    6 laying hens in Middle TN

    We will be heading to Germany soon so my girls need a good home. They are the prolific layers you will ever meet. I have 6 (one white plymouth and 5 red sexlinks) and some days I get 15. Their record is 19 in one day. I know. I know. No one believes me but I swear it is true. They were all...
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    SSS...and then bury it deeper? Did anyone see this?? Chicken owner fatally shoots dog in Wilson Co. Posted: Jun 07, 2010 4:17 PM Dan McChurch William Belate LEBANON, Tenn. – Legal proceedings might be looming for two Wilson County families after a beloved pet was shot and...
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    Anyone looking for a Great Pyrenese in TN?

    I saw this and thought of BYC.
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    Is this a real chicken?!

    OMG! Are they real???? How do they grow such long tail feathers?!
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    Is anyone watching Martha Stewart right now?

    It is the chicken addition!!! I am loving it! LOL...they are currently discussing the buzz you get from the first egg!
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    Must Rehome Our Perfect Dog ***Needs a Country Home :(

    (((((((sigh)))))))))) We have orders to go to Germany. My wonderful loving lab mix is NOT a city dog. She loves to run and play with other dogs. She is great with cats, chickens, dogs...everything but squirrels, rabbits, and guinea pigs. (She thinks they are squeaky toys to be played with.) We...
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    10 Straight run babies need a home ASAP

    10 of the cutest straight run babies you have ever seen need a new home ASAP. I had bought them with the intent to keep the pullets and eat the roos. They are approximately 6 weeks old. The are all extremely healthy and yup..several have little tell-tale combs. Pick up only in Clarksville, TN...
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    We came down with orders. We have to move overseas in 3 months. I need to find homes for all my chicken babies.
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    Laying hens available in Clarksville, TN

    We are PCSing to Germany and I have to sell my babies. I have 5 red sexlinks who are 1 year old. They are laying huge brown eggs, are very tame, and are used to free ranging. I also have one white plymouth rock who is one year old and she lays a beautiful brown egg every day. Again, she is...
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    I knew it.

    I bought 10 babies as a straight run and vowed to eat anyone who wasn't a pullet. About 6 out of the 10 are looking very roo-like...and way too cute! I have purposely not snuggled up on this batch to distance myself. The only thing that has accomplished is the babies run the other way when I...
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    Nice neighbor and the miserable bunnies

    (((sigh))) I don't know if anyone remembers but I keep writing about my super nice neighbor who has decided to raise his own meat rabbits. They are in horribly cramped cages to the point they can literally only turn around...they can't even stretch out. I couldn't stand it the other day (after...
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    My chicks big adventure! Can u guess the breeds?

    What a GORGEOUS day!! I took the babies outside and let them experience sunlight and grass between their toes for the first time today. Since you are looking...any guesses at to what breed of chickens they may be? The other pics are of my girls's foiled attempts to get at my new tire...
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    My name is Najia and I am a chick-a-holic.

    Somebody stop me. I just bought 10 babies from Rural King and am making arrangments with a fellow BYCer for more.
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    Honest opinions wanted about garage coop

    The deal is we don't use our attached garage for anything other than storage. I have been seriously considering adding a pet door and roughing in an enclosure. Sort of like a dog run and using THAT as their hen house. I would have easy access to gather eggs, they could get in from crappy weather...
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    WARNING: stupid dog rant

    Sorry, that should read 'stupid owner' rant. Every day this old guy walks his dog around our block. Every day! Every day that stupid chuhuahua or however it is spelled is off leash. Every day! Every day that stupid dog takes a dump in someone else's yard....often times mine. EVERY DAY! The...
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    Advice needed ASAP...unintended (?) animal cruelty

    I don't know if any of you remember but I talked extensively about our great neighbor who helped build our coop? He is a nice guy who goes out of his way to help us, is kind to my children, my daughter and his granddaughter play together, etc. He started raising rabbits for meat. When he started...
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    Is it possible to BORROW a roo? LOL

    I am melting looking at all the pictures the hens/babies! I don't suppose it would be possible to borrow someone's roo for a few days to knock my girls up? Whatta ya think? Wishful thinking?
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    Adding chickens to my flock questions

    I am so in love with my chickens. LOL I started with 2 and now have 6. We get half a dozen eggs a day and have learned eggs are a GREAT source of protein for my family. So much so that I want to add more chickens for my eggs! We have a large family (6 ppl) so eggs don't last very long around...
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