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  1. RAWR

    Got a pair of baby rats

    About a month ago I got a pair of female rats from the local human society. They're so freggin' cute! They are white with buff caps and are named Pumpkin and Poppy. Currently I'm saving up to get them a four level cage I saw on but you know. It takes some time.
  2. RAWR

    Lethargic RR roo

    Our rooster, Fluffy is acting real weird and lethargic. I went out side to give them some food and he was standing at the door of the coop with his feathers all fluffed out like he was could and his head was kind of hanging. So I picked him up and brought him inside to try an warm him up but...
  3. RAWR

    Its been awhile

    Its been a long while since I've been on here and I'm not sure if my chicken buddies even get on here much anymore either. Anyway, may I begin with wow. The site itself has changed A LOT since I was here last. Next, I've become a super Brony here lately. My Little Pony for life. Dawg. Lastly...
  4. RAWR


    Could we put Cyprus Mulch in the chicken run? We just refenced it and were trying to think of something to help keep it clean and to help with the smell
  5. RAWR

    Found it! :D

    I found the prom dress! full pic of me in the dress (sporting a "omg please no picture look) bigger pic of the dress
  6. RAWR

    need prom help

    Okay, so prom is in a month, and I still have to get a dress. I am REALLY pale skinned and I have REALLY really light blonde hair. I have no idea what colors would look good on me. I know black would. But not for prom. I like the oranges and pinks but I really don't feel like dealing with...
  7. RAWR

    Zelda's puppies: one month

    Our German Shepherds, Zelda and Klaus had their first litter about a month ago. There's eight and I think some might be long hairs We're keeping one, a little female we call Red. Shes so cute and fluffy XD Zelda and Pups a puppy laying on his back Sleepy time and this is Little Red...
  8. RAWR

    Rural King, sometimes I hate you

    So I went to Rural King this morning to pick up some chicken feed and i had no idea they had the chicks out yet! O-M-G there were some CUTIES!!!! There was a Black Australorp that was so fluffy, all you could see was just a little beak! I almost broke down and bought up some Bantams and more BA...
  9. RAWR

    Zelda's Puppies

    So our german shepherd had her very first litter today <3 I delivered (kinda) the first one I was getting ready to let the chickens out this morning and then i heard SPLAPLOP followed by "reeee!!! reeee!!!" cleaned it up with the help of their daddy, Klaus, who ate the plasenta(sp?)
  10. RAWR

    German Shepherd Pups

    Our female German Shepherd is due the 9th with her first batch of puppies, but it looks like the pups have dropped, shes real clingy and shes been nesting. since this is her first, would she go into labor early or later?
  11. RAWR

    Proudness :3

    I did that with a Saterday afternoon :3
  12. RAWR

    Unhappy Feet

    A few weeks ago it snowed and got really cold. We have 5 month old pullets, and the one that has feathered feet (cochin/RIR/New Hampshire Red mix) has gotten cold, simi frozen feet. We've been taking her outside during the day, and in by night; her feet just don't seem to be getting any better...
  13. RAWR

    OMG owww

    omg, my wisdom teeth are coming in and it HURTS what can i do to help with the pain till they can get cut out
  14. RAWR


    what does it mean when a chicken sneezes..? and what sounds does it usually make?
  15. RAWR

    Golden Comet hen - possible infection- please help :'(

    Our golden comet hen seems to be a favorite among the roos..they all jump on her, no one else, just her. they've ripped all her feathers off, and they even torn up 2 hen aprons now she has two quarter sized infection looking spots on her side...and I'm so worried. Here lately i've been busy...
  16. RAWR

    Unemployment almost 10% nationally

    Many middle class families have been struck down by job loss here in America. Many jobs have been eliminated or outsourced. Unemployment benefits are a LIFELINE to those families struggling to keep a roof over their families heads and food on the table. If congress does not act to restore these...
  17. RAWR

    First Firsts

    Yesterday the First Broody we ever had hatched the first eggs we ever had. Im so excited!The chicks are half blue cochin ( i think one is half BR) and half New Hampshire red. The one I think is half New Hampshire and half BR is adorable. Our BR hen was in the dog house that the broody made...
  18. RAWR

    new chick

    when chicks first hatch, do they lay there and dry off?
  19. RAWR

    VampireWars on FaceBook

    I need more clan members anyone else on here play it?
  20. RAWR

    Klaus got hurt [i need some help]

    our German Shepherd Klaus has a hurt paw, and I have no idea what to do for him my step dad pulled out a metal shard out of this pad, and its not bleeding anymore hes still limping and he keeps giving me this look what more can i do for him?
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