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  1. twentynine

    Incubator info

    Some of you may have heard about our flooding down here in La. I had about 30" of water in my house, lost most all my furniture and a bunch of other stuff. That being said let me address the question that pertains to this forum. I have Favorite 436 redwood incubator, it was 100% operable prior...
  2. twentynine

    Manna Pro Calf Manna

    Lots of you guy probably supplement you chicken feed with this, I recently started with my chickens. Many years ago I used it while raising rabbits, so I do have some experience wit it. Here's the question: I manna pro available in crumbles? Feeding the pellets to my adults has become...
  3. twentynine

    Into the Redwood!

    I just set 21 lemon cuckoo Orpingtons eggs in my redwood incubator. The eggs were purchased from a seller I sourced through this website. I would be glad to give the seller a recommendation, but I did not get his permission. This will be the second set of eggs going into the redwood. The first...
  4. twentynine

    Using FB for chickens?

    Do any of you guys use Face Book for sales? Reason I am asking, I recently signed up for FB and joined several groups that sponsor farm supplies, poultry, livestock swaps. After I was personnally invited. I lurked for a while, just reading the post, getting a feel for the crowd. Then last week...
  5. twentynine

    Found Incubator!!!!!

    That's right, found by a co-worker, on the side of the road put out for the garbage man. He thought of me so he stopped and picked it up. Old fashion redwood cabinet incubator. Don't have a manufactor or model number yet, it's raining to beat the band and it's covered up in the back of the...
  6. twentynine

    5 year record broken!!!!

    5 years, 5 whole years without loss to a predator, the record came to an end lastnight. During the night I lost a barred rock hen to an unknown assailant. Found her dead in the middle of the run. Head, neck, crop, gizzard eaten, nothing else touched. With the exception of 2 small wounds on the...
  7. twentynine

    Disappointing hatching season, so far!

    Guys I'm having a rough go of it this year. 4 hatches under my belt, the best hatch ratio so far is 61%. I've had a thermostat failure, fan failure and a thermometer failure. Got a hatch busting out right now. This hatch had a fan and thermometer failure. The thermometer gradually began...
  8. twentynine

    Tufted buff geese

    Guys my wife had to have one. So when we were buying our black copper Marans, the breeder put one in the box. Here's my question: I have read You can tell the male and female apart by a top knot of down. The female having the top knot. At what age do they develope the top knot? Is it there at...
  9. twentynine

    Mosquito protection?

    What are you guys doing? Here in SE La it's been rainy every afternoon, our yearly plague of mosquitoes is in full force. I am spraying the inside of the chicken coops with a citronella product that suppose to repell skeeters and other biting insects. Some what effective not totally but pretty...
  10. twentynine

    Help extreme egg eating!

    Need some ideas, for prevention, and correction. Been raising chickens for 20+ years and never have I had anything like this happen. I have 15 hens of prime laying age, I have been gathering 10 - 15 eggs a day for a few months. Tuesday I got 4, Wednesday I got 4, Thursday 2, Friday 1. Evidence...
  11. twentynine

    Just set

    As the title says, I just set a total of 57 eggs. 45 coming from my own flock. They will be either BSLs or pure breed RIRs, depending on which hen layed the egg. I have 8 BR hens, 7 RIR hens, RIR roosters Barrack and Obama. Plus I bought 12 eggs from "the chicken man". They are pure breed RIR...
  12. twentynine

    Selling success!

    I just got to brag! Put a small ad in the Baton Rouge, La. Morning Advocte paper--- I was trying to sell and had been trying to sell, the BSL hens, BSL roosters and 10 RIR cockerals. The first day the ad ran was Thursday, all of the hens were sold with the first call. All the BSL cockerals and...
  13. twentynine

    Black Sexlink Pullets BR, Louisiana

    Black Sexlink Pullets hatched out April 5. I have 7 pullets available, and 7 cockerals, you buy the pullets I will throw in a couple cockerals free, or you can buy the whole flock, pullets $6 each and cockerals $2 each. Local pick up only, but I would be willing to arrange for drop off or...
  14. twentynine

    Building an incubator

    I made the mistake of reading to many threads in this sub-forum. Building from scratch, using good, but leftover material. 24" w X 18" d X 30" h Got a waffer thermostat from a local feed and seed. 110v fan from radio shack two porcelean light sockets, wire, and various supplies from local...
  15. twentynine

    New chickens added

    I picked up 10--- 6 week old barred rock pullets. End of the season sale, couldn't resist. $3 each. Got pics on my iPhone but no way to get'em from here to there.
  16. twentynine

    how many of you ??????????????????????????

    Shake your head in wonder, when a creator of a topic chooses to have the topic closed when opinions do not agree with their own, rather than listen to advice and use it constructively. I try real hard to be a kinder, gentler responder, but sometimes ya just got to call it as you sees it. Many...
  17. twentynine

    Cody is Home!

    Okay a little update. Cody spent most of the summer at the training barn. He came home several times, as the trainer made extended trips to horse shows and such. While he was gone we took the opportunity to completely rebuild the barn, making it into a proper horse barn. Nice dry 15'X15'...
  18. twentynine

    Do any of you hold back?

    Do any of you ever find yourselves not responding to a thread in this forum, because you find it hard to not reccommend putting an animal down? Over the year I have been a member here, I always check this forum, even responded a few times, however allot of times I find myself just closing a...
  19. twentynine

    Cody the horse going to College update 8/5

    Cody the horse going to College. Yep We made the decission to place Cody at a training facility for 2 months. He and I had reached the point where we could not go any farther. No big problems, other than the bug spray issue that we could not overcome. More later going fishing the AM.
  20. twentynine

    Need some help

    This project started out as a small favor to some of the best nieghbors a man could ever have. The man of the house died of cancer in Dec 2009, he and I had grown close, became good friends, he was truly one of the most generous people I had ever met. He had two small grandsons (under 5), he...
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