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  1. Malfean

    Anything to be done?

    Ok, so here's the story. About 2 months ago, someone in my town (about 1 mile away) had bought some chickens and a coop and put them in the yard. Because they're on a corner, everyone could see the coop. Local kids loved it, etc... However, they had a rooster. So they attracted obvious...
  2. Malfean

    Our First Egg!

    This morning, I noticed that my chickens were behaving a little strange. I recently put a chicken door in the coop and they like to come out around 6.30am. However this morning, I saw that about half of them were out, but they were all looking into the coop through the door. Like they were...
  3. Malfean

    When to prepare the nests for egglaying

    In my coop, the roost sits opposite of where the nests will be. Currently, I have 6 milk crates and have placed them on a nice shelving unit that the girls can access. To make sure they don't roost in the nesting boxes, I currently have them turned over so they're just sitting there like a...
  4. Malfean

    Peanut Butter the Chicken

    I thought I would post a link to a video I took of my chicken "Peanut Butter" closely examining my iPhone.
  5. Malfean

    Anyone have an idea what I have?

    This is Peanut Butter. Anyone know what her breed is?
  6. Malfean

    Coop and Run and Done!

    I finally finished both my Chicken Coop (out of a Home Depot shed), and my Chicken Run as well. That wasn't easy, given that the temps around my area were scorching for weeks. The coop itself is 7x7, providing my ladies a comfy 49 sq. ft. of floor space. The Chicken Run itself is 12' x 10'...
  7. Malfean

    Question on Sexing

    Good Morning! As I am new to backyard chicken raising, I have a question pertaining to the sexing of chickens. I bought my adorable little fuzzballs with feet from Tractor Supply Co. I bought egg-laying female chicks. In their description they mention a 90% accuracy. While I have no issue...
  8. Malfean

    Newbie to Chickens!

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I am definitely new to chickens. I bought some from Tractor Supply Company and am expecting them to arrive today (Friday 5-29) or Saturday. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? I built a brooder from an old large-sized...
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