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    Frostbite or fowl pox?

    the tips of the comb usually freeze first. I believe it looks like dry blood on the comb. From pecking or fighting, its usual and nothing to worry about if its just a little bit of bickering going on. I have no experience with fowl pox, so i wouldn't know. If they are doing fine other than the...
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    most young birds have a first and second cycle, first cycle they lay small eggs less frequently. second the eggs become bigger and there will be more frequent eggs
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    How Many Eggs Did You Get Today?

    My birds are laying about 60% but they are bantams and not a big alying breed
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    Bantam lays abnormal eggs

    Im mixing in electrolytes to her water
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    What breed is my chicken?

    Iĺl say a cockerel. Maybe a leghorn mix or game mix?
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    Bantam lays abnormal eggs

    I am feeding a mix of chick starter, layers ration, sunflower seeds, grit, oyster shell, cat food. Then vitamins in her water
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    Urgent advice needed for watery swollen eyes and gasping in chicks!

    Are they eating and drinking as of now? What are they being fed?
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    Bantam lays abnormal eggs

    Hey everyone! I'm in need of some advice. So, lets start at the beginning, I have had silver laced bantam wyandottes for a couple years now. I started with a pair, then later in the year i bought 8 more pairs. I kept back one male from the 4 i bought, then i sold the rest to friends and family...
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    New Dog

    My husky has always been good with the chickens she had no training with the chickens! Our friends also have a heeled that's just great with theirs too!
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    Poultry show!

    How many do u have
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    Poultry show!

    She is beautiful a ton different then ours in Canada
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    If you kept only one breed...

    I have silver laced wyandottes let me now if you have a rooster
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    If you kept only one breed...

    Wyandotte bantams because I have em and love em but If I were doing something I didn't have I would get Toulouse geese
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    Poultry show!

    She is!!!
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    Poultry show!

    This is my best of class wyandotte pullet!
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    Poultry show!

    On a usual year 6 or 7 a year. They are spread pretty evenly throughout the year
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