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    Bantam lays abnormal eggs

    Hey everyone! I'm in need of some advice. So, lets start at the beginning, I have had silver laced bantam wyandottes for a couple years now. I started with a pair, then later in the year i bought 8 more pairs. I kept back one male from the 4 i bought, then i sold the rest to friends and family...
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    Poultry show!

    Hello all you chicken fanciers I have been looking around on this website for a while now and have noticed some poultry shows. I do in fact raise a number of different poultry and all of the breeds I do also show. I was looking around and saw that most of these shows are ugliest chicken contest...
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    Hello everyone I own chickens now and I'm looking for something new! I found show pigeons and I'm in love so I a man hoping for anyone with experience would help me to know everything I can about pigeons. So please comment what breeds you have/had what was good how you raised them what their...
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    Chicken tractor

    Are flat topped chicken tractors better then triangular topped chicken tractors?
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    Chicken tractor advice?

    Hello I'm in need of some advice. As some of you may know from my previous thread I had my chicken tractor broken in by some practical predators. I have now started replacing the wire with holes in it and reinforcing the walls. I have putt one side on with 1 cm holes in the wire (I hope I said...
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    What's. Wrong with my Cochin

    I have a 3 month old Cochin pullet, this morning when I went out to check all the birds I seen that my Cochin pullet wasn't walking she was sitting on the ground eating grass. I watched her for a minute and realized she is walking on the back of her foot. So I do have some rocks that appeared...
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    Plymouth Rock bantams

    Hi I'm thinking about getting Plymouth Rock bantams! Does anyone know of breeders in Alberta Canada. And I'm new to the breed so who knows some stuff about them?
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    I just went out to check my young birds and I have a bantam wyandotte rooster with I think a broken neck! He's lying on the ground and he can't move his neck when I pick him up it just rolls around it can do a 360 degree turn I don't know what to do can I help him or should I put him out of his...
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    Bantam wyandotte troubles

    My bantam wyandottes were not hatching eggs all year so I kept on trying since January I only know hatched 1 little baby last weekend. The eggs that didn't hatch were fertile some just didn't hatch others weren't fertile and most died before the were done growing in the egg. I know I don't have...
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    Predator problems

    Hi I have recently had my chicken tractor broken in to by a mother fox and her two pups and then the next night we saw three different skunks eating the remaining parts of the hens I would love some advice to repel the skunks for they leave without them spraying and to repel the foxes for I...
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    There's something wrong with my bantam rooster

    Hello I'm new here! I recently sold my bantam silver laced rooster and we were just notified by the buyer let's call her Cindy. Cindy now says the rooster is consistently gasping for air and is backing up. Cindy is not happy and she is thinking I sold her a sick bird. But the rooster was doing...
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