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  1. JDonn127

    Using dried leaves

    The leaves have begun falling from the trees here in Pennsylvania…. I plan on using them in the run. Since I don’t have many trees on my property I have asked neighbors to save some for me. My question is ….. Is it better to use whole leaves or should I grind them up first?
  2. JDonn127

    Oyster Shell

    I’m looking for ideas for what to use for feeding oyster shells in. Right now I’m using a plastic dog bowl and it’s just not working out. Either it’s getting turned over or wood chips getting kicked in it. So any ideas of something you made or purchased would be appreciated
  3. JDonn127

    Ground cover for run

    I came across this today at a local garden center. It says its 100% natural and safe for kids.... any thought on using this in run
  4. JDonn127

    Ground cover in run

    Has anyone used this in their run?
  5. JDonn127


    I just installed a wireless thermometer and humidity system with 3 wireless sensors. I placed 1 sensor outside 1 sensor in run that is covered with plastic and one inside the coop. Im basically concerned with the humidity levels.... right now they are within a few % of each other... I am...
  6. JDonn127

    Winter water

    Thoughts and opinions on this is greatly appreciated....I’m using a 2 gal bucket with 4 horizontal nipples
  7. JDonn127

    Small egg

    I always read posts of having larger than normal eggs.... today I found the total opposite.... I’ve been getting 4 eggs everyday from my white leghorns...lately all the eggs are basically the same size but today i got a extremely smaller egg . Does this mean anything?
  8. JDonn127


    Someone told me black oil sunflower seeds are a good treat...any thoughts? Do they eat shell and all?
  9. JDonn127

    Winterizing run

    When covering run walls with plastic sheeting. Is it better to leave a gap at the top of the wall? The bottom? Or cover completely ?
  10. JDonn127


    The temperature here this morning was 19 degrees.... When i went out to open up the coop I noticed the coop ( smaller prefab from TS) was covered in frost.... could this happen from lack of ventilation or just that it was extremely cold?
  11. JDonn127

    Winter laying??

    Three of my four white leghorns are now laying.... one started 2 weeks ago... one last week... one today..... i think the 4th is very close....whats the chances that since they basically just started laying that they will continue through the winter.... i am not using any light in the coop
  12. JDonn127

    Ready to lay??

    Quick question.... one of my girls has big red comb and wattles.... she has been squatting when i reach out the last couple days. Ive been sitting here watching her for about 45 mins... she is pacing and squawking her fool head off... she has been in and out of the coop constantly... when she is...
  13. JDonn127

    Run floor

    Can i use chopped straw or pine shavings to cover my now dirt (muddy) run floor? If so which is better in your opinion?
  14. JDonn127


    One of my girls laid Her first egg.... very eggciting
  15. JDonn127

    Changing food

    Has anyone used this or recommend something better
  16. JDonn127

    Rooster or pullet?

    Any ideas
  17. JDonn127

    White leghorns

    I have 4 white leghorns..... they are 16+ weeks.... i noticed that 3 of them are approximately the same size....their combs are dark pinkish.... but the 4th one is kinda smaller but seems more developed...bigger more red comb.... i bought them together from ts.... could the one be older even...
  18. JDonn127

    Hopefully getting close

    Stuff is turning red.... hope its not too much longer.... the wait is killing me and my
  19. JDonn127

    Door construction

    I am extending my run using 2x4s and hardware cloth... 10ft x 5ft x 6ft.... i can use some suggestions on building a door at the end. I was thinking maybe something 2ft x 6ft.
  20. JDonn127

    Just wondering

    I have 4 white leghorns 11 weeks old. They have been outside in their coop and enclosed run since they were 5 weeks. They were staying in the run from dawn till dusk but I’ve notice the last few days they’re spending more time in the coop. They come out to eat drink and peck around then one...
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