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  1. SarahBeth9394

    Snickers crossed the rainbow bridge

    Some of you may remember a few posts about my dog Snickers. We knew that she wouldn't take another winter. But this summer her slowing down came to a halt and she stopped meeting us at the door and we had to go to her. Unless we had a treat she wouldn't come anymore. She had lost weight and...
  2. SarahBeth9394

    I lost one of my ladies last night.

    So this morning I went out to the coop earlier than usual. I wanted to do some work on the coop before the heat hit. I was working on one end of the coop. One of my reds jumped in the coop and started bocking away. So I thought I'd check for eggs just in case. So I open the door to the nest box...
  3. SarahBeth9394

    I think I have a broody

    So now my ladies are a year old and I only have hens. I've noticed that the last two days one of my EE's has been staying on the nest. Each time my hubby and I have gone outside we've noticed that she's been in the coop. When gathering eggs I have to stick my hand under her and get the eggs. So...
  4. SarahBeth9394

    I passed Chicken Math

    I have all the chickens I need. I only have 8. Now that they are in their second season I am glad that's all I have because I get 5 to 7 eggs daily. We have 5 people in our family. I do use a good deal of eggs. At least 2 or 3 of us have eggs in the morning 1 or 2 times a week. We do a breakfast...
  5. SarahBeth9394

    Another con with State testing in schools

    This year the brainiacs at the kids school decided that they were instituting mandatory before school tutoring for the TAKS test (Texas state tests). If the student misses a session they are given detention. Detention is going to tutoring after school. Excuse me but if the teachers can't teach...
  6. SarahBeth9394

    Deoderant for sensitve skin

    We are trying to find a deoderant that my daughter can use and not have her break out in a heat rash. We were using Secret then she got the rash so we switched to Dove and it's not any better. So if anyone has gone through this and has found something that works what are you using?
  7. SarahBeth9394

    I thought it was moulting, I may be wrong

    A few of my ladies looked like they began molting but it was just their feathers above their tail feathers. One of the hens is growing back pretty new feathers. But I just went out and one of the hens is down. Any ideas?
  8. SarahBeth9394

    live cam of condor chick hatching A condor chick began to pip. I thought y'all would like to see this.
  9. SarahBeth9394

    Pet Peeves........

    I hate it when people open up water bottles at home. Those bottles are for taking with you when you go somewhere. There's a Brita pitcher in the kitchen. It costs nearly nothing for a glass of water so stop being so stinking lazy and pour it from the pitcher. How about your pet peeves.....
  10. SarahBeth9394

    Kitten question

    Are there effective over the counter wormers for kittens. We are going to go to Walmart in a bit. My daughter brought a stray home last night and it's got that round wormy look to it. I don't know if we will keep it but at the least I'd like to worm it right away. For now she's got her own box...
  11. SarahBeth9394


    Our coop is in a place where we can't hook up electricity. I'd like to put in a light because the laying is becoming real sparse. I'd like to do something on a battery with a timer. Anyone got that kind of set up? and can it be done for cheap?
  12. SarahBeth9394

    My bluetick is already slowing down.

    She's only 5. So far she's had a tumor on her foot, developed an allergy to fleas, has become prone to hot spots, almost needs to be sedated to bathe, and in the last few months has decided she doesn't want to join in on the daily walk. I've come to the realization that even though her parents...
  13. SarahBeth9394

    I don't like my feeder. Show me yours.

    I have one o those TSC feeders. The white plastic with the red bottom. I hate it. The problem is the chickens scratch at it and knock half the feed out. So I'm thinking I need something deeper that is maybe even raised a few inches off the ground. I can always make one and set it on bricks to...
  14. SarahBeth9394

    Don't forget Freecycle, Freeshare and Craigslist free section

    Yesterday my daughter gave me a stack of her hoodies that were all too small for her and my hubby had asked me to freeshare the old tree. So we posted an add on our freeshare group. Within 7 minutes we had several replies and within 2 hours items were being picked up. I was very surprised at how...
  15. SarahBeth9394

    I did it!!!!!!!

    I just finished watching the entire series of The X Files thanks to netflix. It took several months but I had a strategy. I took the laptop and speakers into the kitchen with me and when I did dishes. It sure did help to pass the time while doing something so tedious. I also played it when I was...
  16. SarahBeth9394

    Texas rain side effect

    Omg I can't even walk out to the coop without being attacked by mosquitos. I literally have to wear pants and long sleeves. I had 6 jump on me and I literally ran back to the house when I shut the run door.
  17. SarahBeth9394

    Kidney stones and more/Update 11/15

    So after a rough week I went to the dr. today and he said he thinks it's kidney stones. He gives me an rx for pain and tells me to strain my wee-wee so I know if something passes. So I get home and it becomes wee-wee time. This is when I realize I don't have anything to strain my wee-wee with...
  18. SarahBeth9394

    So glad I put sand on the coop floor.

    Wow is it easy to clean up and it drains real well. Yesterday we had the first real rain we've had since we built the coop and I am so glad we got the sand. The hens were wet and the hay in the nest box got pretty damp (plus it was poopied on) so I just replaced the hay in the nest box and...
  19. SarahBeth9394

    Last night was bad for the boys

    So hubby and I are making dinner, son is at band. Son shows up 3 hours early with his thumb tore open. Not enough for stitches but he's gonna have a pretty good skin flap happening. I get him cleaned up and bandaged so he leaves and goes back to band practice. Not 5 minutes later my hubby...
  20. SarahBeth9394

    Good grief chiggers suck

    Good grief I must have the best tasting blood on earth. I am always the first one to get bit and I always get feasted on while others may get one or two bites. Twice this summer my arms got chewed on while swimming because that was the part of me above the water. Doesn't matter if it's chiggers...
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