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    What is your guess?
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    day old chick strong but large wound from momma

    What can I do for my day old baby that I took away from the momma because she was scalping it with her attacks. The chick shows strength, but im afraid of infection on her whole right side of her head. its totally raw skin and I was able to get some of the shavings and food that was stuck...
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    baby chick attacked by momma

    I noticed the first chick is out of its shell, but something didnt seem right. It looked to have a wound already. I figured mom would take care of it. I checked again and no love had been given to this breathing chick.... but I left it alone. I heard some noise and checked again, the...
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    Staying on the ground at night

    Every evening, our chickens go to their roosts for the night. Some jump up into a small tree then jump up to the large tree. Others find their way to the coops (3 available). However, I have 3 Silkies that always run into a corner of a small coop/run that I had them in when they first...
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    Over 30 days

    I have a hot mess hen that has been sitting on eggs over a month now but I see no babies. Another hen joined her about halfway through so now I have 2 hot mess chickens on I don’t know how many eggs. Is there something I need to do because 21 days have long gone passed.
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    Confused with this older bird

    long yet interesting story..... What is it? Keeps changing rolls..... I live in the country, so having roosters isn't a problem at my house. I received a call from a friend that lives in the city limits , who had gotten hens. Everything was dandy, until he heard a crow. Now in our...
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    better silke pics.....

    I hope these photos are better than the pics I put in earlier...... need to be sexed....
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    who and what

    I was given a hen and babies (a lot of babies) and they all look so different from eachother and their sizes are extremely different. A few of them tried the world on the outside of the pen, and didn't get very far, but the rest are very healthy. They are very independent and do not want...
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    Old West Coop town.....

    i don't know if this is the correct spot to post this but here is a great article and photos of an amazing chicken coop town....
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    Educate the newbies!

    So happy I found this page with so much information.... We were given a few chickens years ago when the farmers in the area didn't spray for alfalfa worms and my driveway and all the dirt around us became infected. A friend said come get some of my chickens, they will eat up those caterpillar...
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