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    Peelin' hard berlt fresh eggs.
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    Do pullets drop a "plug" ?

    I have two young pullets in the house( one Golden Seebright and one orp mutt) that have both produced a bit of a blood "spray" in their enclosures. It is clearly eviden that these "sprays" came from thier vents and actually did spray out of the birds. Is this normal behaviour prior to the...
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    Does THIS mean we have too many chickens ?!-----The "skinny" revealed.

    Does anyone hae any clue how many hours it takes to cean and pack 399 eggs ?!?!? SHeeeeeewwwwwwwwww !!!! That's 33 dozen and 3 eggs !!!! All i can say is............kookookachoo.
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    We have a male rottie that is about 6 years old. I'm not absolutely sure because i rescued him myself. He had some anxiety issues before i rescued him and all was well for the years where we lived before moving into this country setting. Since moving i now have Deacon, Mike's belgian,and over 30...
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    Has interest in Western Pa chickenstock gone by the wayside?

    Janet and I can happily host this if all is still interested. I must add tho. I hope no one minds picnicing amongst 30+ birds.
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    I allways figgerd that birds as species were fragile animals..........

    NOT !!!!! Yesterday, this fella.....Gen. T'so. Flat out attacked my 4 y/o grandson. Hayden was walking thru the back yard towards one of our coops to get to me and the next thing i know i hear him screamin right behind me. I turned to see Hayden on his back on the ground just as Gen. T'so was...
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    I CAN'T STOP MY CHICKENS...................

    from multiplying !!!!!!!!!!!!! Every time i turn around i have a broody !!!!! This time, my bestestest broody girl jist hatched out 7 more fuzzies 2 days ago. Last nite i pulled the eggs that she left after the hatch,8 of 'em. one was pipped so i brought it in and got the little bugger out of...
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    Lemme git this straight. (?)

    Araucanas are the real deal ? The original breed. ? Ameraucanas are the "Americanization" of that breed ? Easter eggers are anything else mixed with Araucana blood to git colored eggs from another breed of chicken ?
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    Check out dis handsom feller

    Meet Prince Tut
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    Still have 3 silver pheasants.........

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    Mites mites and MORE MITES!!!!!!!!!!!

    our 'cauna coop is infested with mites. Jist by reachin in to get an egg from the nest gits yer hand covered with 'em. How do i git rid of 'em ?!?!?!?!?
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    Check out dis handsome feller.

    This is a yellow golden pheasant cock bird. I got a trio of them at Rogers' two weeks ago.
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    OUCH !!!!!!!!!!!

    This obviously hurt !! The eggs from this girl,a buff orp, jist keep gittin bigger and bigger !!!!! Why do they continue to grow in size ?!?!?
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    Lesson learned.

    I've got a coop with 4 'cauanas in it, two 9m/o layin hens, one 4 m/o hen and one m/o roo. I decided that the 4 younger ones i had in a brooder in the house were ready to go outside into the coop with the other birds. One o' the older layers in broody and on the 2nd floor o' the coop settin'. So...
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    3 Silver pheasants...FREE

    I bot some pheasants at an auction yesterday and i eneded up with 3 silver pheasant and hadn't planned it that way lol I am in Western Pa and if you wanna come and get 'em yer welcome to 'em. I don't know their age and they are too young to sex.They are big/old enough to be outside in a run. I...
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    Diatomaceous Earth info needed please.

    I want to git some fer my coops and when i call my feed stores they act like i have 3 heads. They all tell me.."we have things like stall dry and such". They all have no clue what i'm asking for. Can some of you that use it please post the brand names of the FOOD GRADE DE that you use so i can...
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    Bet mine's smaller than yours.

    One o' my adult buff orps laid this today ?!?!?!?!??! The one on the left is our normal everyday sized eggs that we git from our girls. And on the right ..????? You tell me.
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    We've got our first broody 'cauna hen...(?)

    problem is, we know fer a fact that the eggs she's on are not fertile. Tomorrow will be day 3 fer her settin'.Question is, if i take her eggs away and not allow her to set, will this have any effect, adverse or otherwise, on her future broody times ? Am i messin with her hormones or any other...
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    Feedstore rescue.

    I was peacefully drivin today when i attempted to drive past one o' our local feedstores. Our car took on a mind of it's own and the next thing we know we're in the lot with the engine off. We went in to jist "look" at the wee ones. Little did we know........... We spotted a brooder with 3 d/o...
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