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  1. mrbstephens

    6 Olive Egger Hatching Eggs

    Up for sale are 6 Olive Egger hatching eggs. $35 includes shipping via Priority Mail. French Black Copper Marans over Easter Eggers and Blue Ameraucanas producing hens that will lay the deepest olive colored, large eggs. The darkest brown egg laying gene carried by the FBCM over the green or...
  2. mrbstephens

    Newbie with startup questions

    Hi there! I've been a chicken keeper for 7 years and am ready to move onto more exciting things. I'm interested in breeding French Copper Marans, Ameraucanas, (and Olive Eggers). I need information about housing these chickens. Do most people keep them in separate pens by breed? How many...
  3. mrbstephens

    Do I need to use all racks in the egg turner?

    I'm incubation chicken eggs and I'm on day 4. I had only put two racks in the egg turner all the way to the left. I see the egg turner turning to the left and then straight, but haven't seen it turned right. Is this right? Should I have used all of the racks in the turner? Did I mess...
  4. mrbstephens

    Hatching Ayam Cemani Eggs

    I got some Ayam Cemani eggs from a friend of a friend of a friend. They arrived by mail, wrapped in bubble wrap with a heat pack and packing peanuts. It was a box inside a box. 9 eggs and some were marked with a number 1 and others with a number 2. I took them out of the packaging and have...
  5. mrbstephens

    Chick with bulging eyes

    I just received some chicks today and one has slight splayed leg that I'm not too concerned with, because she can still stand and I'm betting it will straighten out on it's own. But both of her eyes are bulging out and are gray and cloudy. She doesn't seem to be able to see and she keeps...
  6. mrbstephens

    Coturnix Quail questions about housing and house mates

    I currently have been hatching and releasing Bobwhite quail for 3 years now. I have a large flight pen that I keep the adults in (have 12). I'm thinking of getting Coturnix quail and have read that most people keep them off the ground in cages with wire bottoms. My Bobwhites live in a...
  7. mrbstephens

    Bad Prolapse....Something Fell Off

    My 6 year old hen prolapsed a couple of days ago. I separated her and she's been in a dog kennel in the shed. She's acting like herself, but since more stuff has fallen out of her vent. Today I took her and and attempted to clean the area and push it back in. I soaked her in warm water...
  8. mrbstephens

    Raising a Pair

    Would having just one pair of turkeys (one tom and one hen) work out OK or will the hen become injured?
  9. mrbstephens

    Another Tom or Hen Thread

    I was given this turkey yesterday. It's a Bronze Mammoth and about 4 months old. The owners said it's a tom. What do you think?
  10. mrbstephens

    Upside Down Quail

    I've lost a few quail recently. I find them laying on their side and unable to stand up. They twitch and twist their head around. Right now I have 2 like this. I started with 12 and I'm down to 6. I *think* they are hitting their heads on the top of the fight pen, but just want to be sure...
  11. mrbstephens

    Flock is bigger than space allows!

    Since our coop is busting at the seems, I've come up with an idea. I'm thinking of moving our 3 oldest hens(one still lays occasionally) and our egg eater in with the guinea fowl. Hmmm. Not sure how smoothly that would go, but it would be considered our retirement community. Has anyone done...
  12. mrbstephens


    144 chicks arrived today from a hatchery and one chick has a wing injury. The wing hangs down and the end of it where the pin feathers are growing out is bright red, like there's blood under the skin. What can I do to help it?
  13. mrbstephens

    The Legalities of Selling Chicks

    I live in NY and have a small homestead. I sell some of our extras and was wondering if there are any other legalities concerning selling chicks. I will be ordering them from a hatchery and selling them to the public. I've registered my business and have an EIN. Does anyone know if there is...
  14. mrbstephens

    Setting up an electric fence

    I'm setting up an electric fence to go around all of my animal pens. We have raccoons here and I've seen them numerous times sneaking into the pens and eating the feed (at least it's just the feed!). I'm trying to figure out exactly what parts I need to set this up. So far, I know I need; A...
  15. mrbstephens

    What Would I Get?

    I'm tossing around the idea of taking a young rooster from a friend of mine. They are offspring to a Light Brahma rooster and a Speckled Sussex hen. If I take one of them and breed it to my light brahma hen and also to my speckled sussex hen, what would I get? Would it be obvious, that the...
  16. mrbstephens

    How do I get them to all live together?

    I have 3 adult guineas that sleep in a house at night. I have 4 guinea keets that will soon live in a different house. I want them all to sleep in the same house....the one that the keets are moving into. How do I do that? The adults currently free range and soon, I will be fencing in my...
  17. mrbstephens

    HELP!!! So many pips and then nothing

    I have 111 bobwhite quail in the incubator. Some of them pipped 36 hours ago, most of them pipped 12-24 hours ago and then nothing. I don't hear peeping and there is no movement. What is going on??? I added extra water to the incubator on lockdown and haven't opened it at all. I did notice...
  18. mrbstephens

    4 week old eggs, did not turn them

    I'd been storing bobwhite quail eggs, point side down in the basement for weeks while waiting to have enough to fill the whole incubator (120 eggs). Some of the eggs were 4 weeks old and I totally forgot about turning them. I set all of the eggs and candled after one week. Almost all of them...
  19. mrbstephens

    It's been one week and she's still alive......

    My guinea hen hasn't been coming home to roost and I'm sure there's a nest in my neighbor's yard. I've seen her over there and I hear her buckweating every evening and every morning. Tomorrow it will be one week. I know the first day she did come off the nest during the day at one point when...
  20. mrbstephens

    Guinea Hen Not Coming Home To Roost

    This is the second night that one of my guinea hens hasn't come home to roost. The same one both nights and I heard her "buckwheat"-ing in the distance somewhere a little before dusk. I was worried that something had gotten her last night, but she returned first thing this morning to join the...
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