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  1. ChickenPox

    Goat Bottle Baby Not Eating, Help?

    Thanks for your help! By the time I got home that evening, he was completely back to normal, no temp, and hungry again. I did get his CDT vaccine in him this weekend too. I'm pretty sure he ate something in the yard he shouldn't have. New baby learning how to browse and all. Just for a lil...
  2. ChickenPox

    Goat Bottle Baby Not Eating, Help?

    Don't know his temp, I had to come in to work today, my son is at home. I am brand new to goats, my fiancé got them after I told him I wasn't prepared. (I'm the animal person, he isn't.) I do have a friend who is giving me some dewormer and coccistat for him after work. Ears and tail are...
  3. ChickenPox

    Goat Bottle Baby Not Eating, Help?

    I have two, 1 month old orphaned bottle baby goats, both boys. We banded them a week ago and they seemed to be doing fine. Now one of the babies has gone off his bottle. He chews cud (and I know its cud because he shook his head and flung some out.) But he wont touch the bottle since this...
  4. ChickenPox

    Doberman Pinscher Breed Chat Thread

    I had an awesome dobie I lost 11 years ago (I taught him to "smile" on command too!) I keep saying one day I will get another. He was a GREAT dog and I miss him all the time.
  5. ChickenPox

    Another dog attack -,-

    So sorry! On Christmas day, my caretaker called to inform me that 12 of my show silkies had been killed by something. Turns out, it was a neighborhood dog who had chewed through a wooden door to get to them. Tore them to pieces. I cried harder than I have all year. Haven't been able to...
  6. ChickenPox

    NPIP swap?

    Yea, I noticed. Perhaps in the spring if we all survive the AI-pocolypse. (Sorry, bad taste.....TBH I'm scared to death of birds and I live next to a lake.)
  7. ChickenPox

    NPIP swap?

    Any interest in an NPIP swap? :D (I recently became registered and miss swapping!)
  8. ChickenPox

    To Cull or not to Cull. That is the question,

    Ditto everyone. If you have a dog kennel, you might try keeping her in it for a day or two inside the run so she can see the babies and get used to them being around. Like someone else said, if the babes are the majority, it should be easier.
  9. ChickenPox

    Shipping egg requirements?

    I just found out today that the state of Virginia has certain requirements in order to ship poultry or eggs into the state. (I am in GA.) Was wondering if there are any other states out there that has special requirements? I got my NPIP last month, and want to do things right. The...
  10. ChickenPox

    ***Crevecoeur Thread***

    Neeeeeeed some Crevie eggs or I need to get rid of my boy. :( I need to get recent pics of him. Hes finally filling out and GOOD LOOKIN! (I really want to keep him, so someone sell me some hatching eggs! LOL!)
  11. ChickenPox

    The NEW Crazy 24hr AUCTION thread

    Quote: NICE birds! Great deal!
  12. ChickenPox

    Indiana Ban on all poultry in and out until end of year?

    Does it affect shipping eggs? I"m assuming so......It IS good to be cautious.
  13. ChickenPox

    Indiana Ban on all poultry in and out until end of year?

    Just a heads up. I don't have a good link, but just heard this from two facebook groups that this was just announced. I"m not in Indiana, but this might put a big damper on some swaps. :(
  14. ChickenPox

    Fully enclosed, covered runs.....cheaply?

    Yes, drainage plan was an that I haven't quit kicking myself about. The sand has been a HUGE help, and we have since put in a french drain. But since it's also made of pallets, the water collects underneath the coop on the downhill side......which is nice in the 100%...
  15. ChickenPox

    Fully enclosed, covered runs.....cheaply?

    Oh I think your pen is lovely Blooie! I just have a love/hate relationship with rain. LOL! I love it, we need it, but we get too much sometimes! Haha! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a concrete floor. Sigh...... I had one once in a place I was an old smoke house I used for the birds...
  16. ChickenPox

    Fully enclosed, covered runs.....cheaply?

    Wonderful ideas! My main pen is cattle fence, but I have run into the problem of making it rain proof. At one point we got so much rain, and the tarp wasn't long enough or pulled tight enough, that it piled on top and bent the panel. (!) Also, since the ground is uneven, the water ran off the...
  17. ChickenPox

    Fully enclosed, covered runs.....cheaply?

    Did I just write an oxymoron? LOL! I need more runs. Unfortunately where I live, EVERYTHING has to be fully enclosed as I cannot let my babies free range (WAAAAAY too many preds on the loose.) And where my current pens are located, I need to have them covered. The ground is not perfectly...
  18. ChickenPox

    You Have What I Want, I Have What You Want. Lets Swap!!

    I will play! I have: Chocolate English Orpington Bantam eggs (GREAT fertility and laying well ATM) Mixed color pen of pure color silkies (BQ and higher.) LF mixed layer pen with the possibility of pure EE or pure BLR Wyandottes (Limited) Pure BQ Buff or White Silkies (These guys are on laying...
  19. ChickenPox

    Bantam Only Crazy Egg Chain

    Mine! I want the cochins! No, the guineas! Or maybe the cochins! Geeeeeeeeeez, I don't know which ones I want! LOL! While I am trying to figure out which ones I want, I will offer: 6+ of Chocolate English Orp Bantams OR 6+ mixed color pen silkie eggs (GREAT quality birds!) :D
  20. ChickenPox

    Mille Cochin Info

    Those chocs are gorgeous!
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