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  1. motoclown

    My 3 original hens are loosing feathers HELP~

    In the spring I noticed that my rooster was being mean to my original 4 girls, thought he was the reason why they were starting to loose some back feathers, put him in freezer camp. I thought that their feathers would grow back, but they didn't. I checked and checked but couldn't find bugs, not...
  2. motoclown

    Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture agent @ local farmers market...

    NEW CASTLE — Some food vendors at farmers markets are now required to be individually licensed to sell their wares. The New Wilmington Farmers Market sellers learned that the hard way Saturday when a Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture agent showed up to inspect and almost shut down the...
  3. motoclown

    Just found a birds nest in the coop with eggs, what to do!?!

    So a small bird has made a nest in our coop. It's built in a bag of grit. I wouldn't have a hard time throwing it out but it has 4 eggs in it. Now I don't know what to do, should I just let it go, will my chickens eat the babies, should I move it or just get rid of it. And yesterday I found an...
  4. motoclown

    Neighbors black lab, killed my favorite chicken, options/?!

    This dog has been in my yard 6 times, killed my favorite chicken and was having my rooster for brunch. Followed his tracks backwards in the snow to the neighbors, across the creek and all. Talked to them, and of course they say"Our dog is home." The dog hasn't been back for a month, well last...
  5. motoclown

    Is it bad to pick up chicken poop with your bear hands?

    I sometimes do pick up poo with my bear hands, and now with 37 new peeps*(9 week olds) I'm going to have poop everywhere. Are there risks to picking it up with my bear hands?
  6. motoclown

    My Traveling Chicken Coop*(Work in Progress + how it doubled in size)

    We have 37....6 week old chicks. They went outside last week at 5 week old.~Yeah Picked out 12 Barred Rocks, 12 Black Australorps, 6 Rhode Island Reds all from Meyers Hatchery and 5 Silver Laced Wyandottes from TSC. Built a temporary pen and will be constructing a permanent one although they...
  7. motoclown

    Huge Mystery Birds in the trees in my yard, what are they....

    We live in Western Pennsylvania and today some large birds perched themselves in the trees above my yard. I took the best picture I could get with my camera and zoomed in on the one. They were pretty high up and flew well. When the bird took off, It's tail feathers fanned out a little. Any Ideas...
  8. motoclown

    Are Two 2'x1' nest boxes to big, or should we partition them? W/PIC*

    Working on coop#2 again, It has doubled in size. I started out a total noob at chickens but now I've learned so much and still learning. Just wondering if these nest boxes should be partitioned,(the ones in the back) or just leave them alone or just put up curtains or any other ideas? They are...
  9. motoclown

    2 Week Old Mystery Chick-Help Me Identify the Breed

    Ordered 30 chicks from Meyers. 12 Black Australorps 12 Barred Rocks 6 RIRs............... ..........and received two extras, just wondering if one is different breed then the rest. Here's her pick
  10. motoclown

    What have you done for your baby chicks today?

    Since this section is blowing up with all the new babies I thought I'd post a picture of the mini roost and mini ramp I built from dial rods, wood scraps and balsa wood I got at the craft store. I'm trying to keep them busy and happy, while we extend the brooder. What did you do today for your...
  11. motoclown

    Testing the Brooder Temperature/chicks coming this week/few questions~

    Testing our brooder out. We are getting 30 peeps from Meyers Hatchery this week. 1.Wondering what is the average temperature of the brooder should be? Brooder is inside. Bulb is red and 250watts. Measures 40"x27", we will be adding on to make it longer as the chicks grow. 2.Should we be...
  12. motoclown

    Is his comb alright with small black spots w/*pic

    We adopted Claude almost 2 months ago and quarantined him for a month. He has done well with his 4 new girls. Although he's a little like a teenager, hormone driven and lacking technique, but he's young and the girls put up with it. He also leads the girls around the yard and into the snow, they...
  13. motoclown

    What breed is our new R00?

    What breed is our new R00? Rescued this guy and we are not sure if we are going to keep him. He's been in isolation for a month with his pal who is a meat bird named Dinner.
  14. motoclown

    Are chickens color blind?

    Just wondering if chickens can see color...............or just shades of gray?
  15. motoclown

    Motocross of Nations Pictures 2010 Lakewood, Colorado PG-13

    As my name suggests I am a Moto Clown as in Motocross Clown, I race pit bikes and hit the races or any event. This last September the world of motocross came together for the MXoN 2010 in Lakewood, Colorado. What a blast. My Pictures are on Motonews, there are a bunch, check them out if...
  16. motoclown

    Why is this chicken thing so hard........-Missing-Limping-Molting/Bugs

    Why is this chicken thing so hard sometimes, so far It's been a great and rewarding experience, but this week started new challenges for 5 chickens. 1. I have a missing chicken, broody somewhere or food for our new foxes.*(no roster, so the eggs wouldn't be fertile) 2. A Limping Chicken this...
  17. motoclown

    Dirt Bath for Winter-In the Coop or Under the Coop?

    We live in Western Pennsylvania and are battening down the hatches for our first winter with our girls. We have five girls so far, who free range most of the day on 16 acres, our run is not finished enough to keep our escape artists in anyways, working on that. I was wondering if we should...
  18. motoclown

    "What's My Breed?"

    New to chicken farming, we were given these 5 girls as a gift, just wondering what breed they were.
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