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  1. BlackBrookPoultry

    Wisconsin Poultry Judges

    I'm looking for county fair judges around West Central WI. Any suggestions? I have a list of possible judges, but it just has their name, city and phone number. You can't tell anything more about them.
  2. BlackBrookPoultry

    Alternatives to sweeter heater?

    I'm looking for something similar to the sweeter heater to sell at the Country store I work at. I sell over 8,000 chicks in the spring, many of them layers and many people are heating coops with 250 watt red bulbs. I have had a coop burn to the ground as a result of using heat lamps, so I'm...
  3. BlackBrookPoultry

    WI International Poultry show 2014

    September 27th and 28th Columbia County Fair Grounds Portage WI I thought it would be nice to have a thread where breeders/buyers could connect.
  4. BlackBrookPoultry

    Looking for bantam SQ Blue, Brown red or Splash Cochins. Can meet at Portage show in WI.

    I'm going to be in Portage in September for the WI International Poultry show (as a spectator) and am looking for someone selling SQ bantam cochin pullets, hens or chicks. I would prefer blue, splash or brown red.
  5. BlackBrookPoultry

    Severely deformed SFH chick. Too much inbreeding?

    I'm wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this chick. I have never had anything like this fully develop. I got 4 Swedish Flower Hen hatching eggs from someone here on BYC. Two made it to lock-down (I also got 3 bantam orps and they all hatched and were healthy). One SFH hatched fine. The...
  6. BlackBrookPoultry

    Pastel call duck hatching eggs

    I am in search of hatching eggs from pastel or silver apricot call ducks. I would also be wiling to purchase ducklings or adults if they are near the Minneapolis/St Paul area.
  7. BlackBrookPoultry

    Hatching eggs: Lemon Blue sport bantam cochins, Lavender Orpingtons

    Hatching eggs for sale from the following breeds: Bantam Lemon Blue Cochin sport - does not breed true. Possibility to produce BBS, lemon blue, lemon blue splash and Brown Red <> Lavender Orpingtons - Rooster is HinkJc lines, the hens are from a few different lines. All orders will be...
  8. BlackBrookPoultry

    Name the Filly Contest!

    I have a new Quarter Horse filly born Sept. 12th and cannot choose a name! Please help! I'm not looking for anything "cute", maybe a western type of name. I will send the winner a bag of Kaytee dried mealworms to treat their chickens. Contest ends Friday, Sept. 21 First picture is today...
  9. BlackBrookPoultry

    8 Bantam Cochin hatching eggs

    I am offering 8 hatching eggs from my lemon blue project pen. Brown red rooster over blue and lemon blue hens. I hatched many eggs from this group this year. Have gotten blue, lemon blue, brown red, splash, and for some reason, white chicks. I could also throw in a couple of eggs from my...
  10. BlackBrookPoultry

    Cockerels: Barnevelder, Black Orp, Lavender Orp, Gold laced Orp

    For pick-up only. I am located in Amery, WI. Could possibly meet in the Twin Cities. I have the following young roos to rehome: 4 Lavender Orps 2 Mottled Lavender Orps 2 Gold Laced Project Orps 1 Barnevelder 1 Black Bantam cochin 1 Blue Bantam cochin 1 mille fluer x lemon blue bantam cochin 2...
  11. BlackBrookPoultry

    12 Brown Red / Lemon Blue project bantam cochin eggs

    12 Lemon Blue bantam cochin project hatching eggs for sale. Brown red rooster over blue and lemon blue hens. Fertility has been established. I can't guarantee your hatch rate due to post office handling and other factors out of my control. I've shipped many eggs and they are well packaged...
  12. BlackBrookPoultry

    9+ Lemon Blue project Bantam Cochin Eggs

    9+ eggs from my lemon blue bantam cochin project pen. Price is $15 plus $12 shipping. Brown red rooster with lemon blue and blue hens.
  13. BlackBrookPoultry

    Auction: 6+ Lemon Blue Project Bantam Cochin eggs

    This auction is for 6+ eggs from a pen containing lemon blue, blue, and brown red bantam cochins. Auction ends Sunday, March 18th 6pm CST. If buyer pays promptly the eggs will be shipped Monday morning. Shipping is $12. Bidding starts at $10 and increases by $1 increments. Please post bids...
  14. BlackBrookPoultry

    Orpington eggs: Isabel laced project

    12+ standard Isabel laced project orpington eggs. Lavender rooster over golden laced, isabel laced and lavender hens carrying the mottled gene. You may hatch: Lavender, golden laced, isabel laced, porcelain, mottled Price is $40, including shipping. PM me to pay through paypal. Eggs will...
  15. BlackBrookPoultry

    Wanted: Dun laced wyandottes

    I'm trying to locate anyone selling dun laced wyandotte hatching eggs.
  16. BlackBrookPoultry

    Winter run

    This year I decided to make my chickens a little greenhouse to play in on those cold winter days that they don't want to venture into the snow. I took a 8 x 6 cage I had bought when I was having a predator problem and set it on gravel up against the pop door. I then ordered a remnant of 6 mil...
  17. BlackBrookPoultry

    Black bantam cochin roo brownsville TX

    I'm trying to locate a black bantam cochin rooster for someone in Brownsville, TX. He wanted me to ship one to him from WI, but there must be someone near him with a good quality breeder for sale.
  18. BlackBrookPoultry

    Brown Red or Lemon Blue?

    I hatched some shipped eggs this summer from lemon blue project pen. I thought I had a pair of brown reds here but the hen looks to have more of a dark blue than black. The rooster has a nice sheen to his black feathers, hers seem more blue to me. What do you think? She's not too happy...
  19. BlackBrookPoultry

    Duckling with deformed leg. Splint?

    I had a call duck hatch today with one of its legs bent inward and his toes all curled. I put tape on the foot for a while to try to spread the toes but his whole leg kept twisting and ending up behind him so I took if off. I'm just not sure what to do with him. Maybe try to tape something at...
  20. BlackBrookPoultry

    Cull chicks with Mareks?

    I have a 3 week old chick here showing signs of Mareks. I'm wondering if I should cull that chick and all the others it has been in the brooder with. Is this going to be an ongoing problem if I keep these birds?
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