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  1. teddiliza

    Teddis Pet Porcelains

    Porcelain D'uccles (Belgian Bearded d'uccles) 43-711 MO A young porcelain d'uccle pullet- above Picture of one of my Porcelain D'uccle Roosters (from Ugly Duckly) Picture Below of a cockerel hatched from my own flock. Beautiful and sweet natured feather footed bantam...
  2. Teddilizas Chicken Blog

    Teddilizas Chicken Blog

    It all started as an innocent suggestion from Mother Earth News: Free Range Eggs, yum, yum, and so healthy 4u.... Build an easy portable coop..... Well, my husband is allergic to dogs and cats so we have two cockatiels. They are adorable, but I thought it might be nice if our pets were...
  3. teddiliza

    Belgian D Uccle Porcelain

    Belgian D Uccle porcelain Created by teddiliza Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: I fell in love with this bantam breed, the sweetest and tamest of the few bantam breeds I've owned. Even the roosters can be calm and don't spend their days fighting if raised together. This...
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