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  1. ChickenPox

    Goat Bottle Baby Not Eating, Help?

    I have two, 1 month old orphaned bottle baby goats, both boys. We banded them a week ago and they seemed to be doing fine. Now one of the babies has gone off his bottle. He chews cud (and I know its cud because he shook his head and flung some out.) But he wont touch the bottle since this...
  2. ChickenPox

    NPIP swap?

    Any interest in an NPIP swap? :D (I recently became registered and miss swapping!)
  3. ChickenPox

    Shipping egg requirements?

    I just found out today that the state of Virginia has certain requirements in order to ship poultry or eggs into the state. (I am in GA.) Was wondering if there are any other states out there that has special requirements? I got my NPIP last month, and want to do things right. The...
  4. ChickenPox

    Indiana Ban on all poultry in and out until end of year?

    Just a heads up. I don't have a good link, but just heard this from two facebook groups that this was just announced. I"m not in Indiana, but this might put a big damper on some swaps. :(
  5. ChickenPox

    Fully enclosed, covered runs.....cheaply?

    Did I just write an oxymoron? LOL! I need more runs. Unfortunately where I live, EVERYTHING has to be fully enclosed as I cannot let my babies free range (WAAAAAY too many preds on the loose.) And where my current pens are located, I need to have them covered. The ground is not perfectly...
  6. ChickenPox

    Polish chicks?

    No pictures because I'm just busy like that, but I have some polish chicks that I am as confused as sin on. They are all the same age (8/12/14 hatch.) Some of them I can pick out as boys due to the spikey fro, but others either don't have much of a top knot at all, or have the rounded poofy...
  7. ChickenPox

    Splay leg, deformed/missing toes?

    I've done LOTS of incubating with usually no problems, but this year I've been having some issues with splay legs and deformed/missing/turned in toes. It started out with shipped eggs, so I figured they might have gotten a bit scrambled in transit. But some of my own hen's (two separate bantam...
  8. ChickenPox

    Swollen Head Syndrome? Is it contagious?

    I have a Dominique rooster who will be a year old in December who developed a swollen face (behind his eye, only on one side) about 2-3 weeks ago. It is slowly getting bigger. He is acting perfectly other signs of illness whatsoever. The swelling isn't in his comb or wattles...
  9. ChickenPox

    what breed are these girls?

    They were bought as chicks from a private breeder. Was told they were EEs, but obviously are not. I'm asking for a friend because I am stumped. I'm guessing they are a cross.
  10. ChickenPox

    Why are the meaties so darn sweet???? Any lighter breed like these?

    I have had meaties three separate times over the years. By far they are the most docile, sweet birds I have. But unfortunately, they don't make the best pets. They eat and poop a ton, and have health and leg issues. I have raised several breeds of birds, but none have been as personable...
  11. ChickenPox

    No good deed goes unpunished.....

    We took in a foster dog with an extremely sad story. She was a good dog, just needed love and attention. No indication that she would go after the birds. Two weeks without incident, and this morning I woke up to her chasing down a second bird and the remains of the first strewn everywhere. I...
  12. ChickenPox

    "Debeaked" rooster from predator attack

    We lost two girls to a predator that was getting into the coop and we couldn't figure out how. About 2 weeks apart. A few days after the last bird was killed, I check the coop and my rooster's face was TORN UP. He was bloody, just on his face. I saw where the struggle had occurred, and it...
  13. ChickenPox

    Do dogs pick around the innerds? *gross description, sorry*

    Would a dog eat a leg, clean out the breast meat, but leave internal organs like the liver? Or do they just maul and eat everything? Dead bird, no injuries or feathers missing other than the entire leg and breast, some internal organ left intact, still inside chest cavity. Very "clean"...
  14. ChickenPox


    My little flock consists of birds aged 3 months - 7 months. We had some ducks in there too, but I recently got rid of them and the nasty pond I couldnt seem to keep clean enough. They have clean water daily out of a 5 gallon waterer with a lid and the nipples on the bottom. I had seen them...
  15. ChickenPox

    khaki campbell I have any girls? (bad video)

    I know its a bad video. My rooster wouldn't shut up. Lol!
  16. ChickenPox

    I want ALL the tricks on telling gender in a newly hatched chick!

    I have some eggs in the bator. Silkies and Bantam Cochins. I am planning on doing an experiment. Each chick is going to be marked with a specific leg band. And I am going to try all the old wives tales......toe length, wing length, kicking, behavior, etc. But I need your help! I need to...
  17. ChickenPox

    What color are these OEGBs?

    I know I have a cockerel and two pullets, but I'm not familiar with oegbs and don't know what color they are? Thanks for the help!
  18. ChickenPox

    Does this mean I can haz eggies soon?

    They are getting redder!!
  19. ChickenPox

    Doubled chicken wire?

    Would doubling chicken wire be enough to keep climbing predators out? I"m not so worried about digging ones, as the bottom of the coop/run is pretty well reinforced because we have neighborhood dogs and I didn't want to take any chances. Most of the top of the run is covered by either chain...
  20. ChickenPox

    If I don't get an egg soon!!!! *small, good-natured vent*

    Ima cook me up some chicken and dumplings!!!!! LOL! They are only 4-5 months old and I'm being impatient. But some of the older girlies (and a couple of the younger ones!) are getting pretty red! Am worried about them laying in the leaves that they pile up under the coop and not being able...
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