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  1. karlamaria

    Austra whites... any ideas when they lay ?

    I have Austra whites, and I believe leg horns ,also jersey giants etc. all around the same age of around 11/12 weeks. I know jersey giants lay later, but I’m wondering about California whites or Austra whites, there part leghorn right ? so I, assuming they lay by 4 months?
  2. karlamaria

    Is this a true Americaunas

    I'm purchasing 4 of these and are told thes are Americaunas, not that it matters, but I am curious. Thanks
  3. karlamaria

    Question time again on a wireless cam for coops

    I know there are plenty of posts on cameras but they are old and the links are outdated or no longer available. I ordered a web cam and it broke right away, I need a good cam to see my chickens , one that tilts and pans so I can see who is laying what. It's so cold I hate to keep running out...
  4. karlamaria

    Looking for leghorn pullets , only a few anyone have them for sale?

    I restarted my flock, and want to add leghorns to my flock as I love there laying abilities. Is there anyone close to Butte that may have some for sale? Looking for ones under 6 months of age please.
  5. karlamaria

    Ordering full size pullets 3 month or older

    Has anyone ordered bigger birds, if so where and how did they do ? I'm looking to add a few leghorns to my flock, love there egg laying abilities but it's winter and no one around has any. I have pullets I found several towns over recently and there young, maybe 3/4 months old. I want to add...
  6. karlamaria

    Fagitta what the heck? A new breed? Anyone got info on these

    I called Murdoch's and they stated there getting Fagitta in and i said there is no such bird, he says its a cross between a RIR, new Hampshire and i for got the other BREED. any ways what do you all know about this chicken? And any pics? Please
  7. karlamaria

    Will my new girls lay during winter or wait until Spring to lay?

    In August I let a broody hatchours 4 chicks, there now 8 weeks old and I was wondering if they will lay during the winter or will they wait until march/ april . There mixed girls, lemon coucko orphingtons , and Easter eggers. Normally chickens will lay between 5/7 months, so I was wondering if...
  8. karlamaria

    Egg under broody broke, how do I clean the eggs full of yolk?

    I have a broody who broke an egg and it was all over her and the rest of the eggs, how do I clean the yolk off the eggs with out harming the egg? There only 3 days under her , I really want this batch to hatch ! Sand paper? Wet paper towel? Please tell me what to do as I heard the chicks can...
  9. karlamaria

    what is it, and what sex is it. thanks ( 3 months old almost

    This is a 11 week old bird, got him/her as an egg and put it under my broody. can you tell me the sex? I was told aracauna and asterlorp .thanks much
  10. karlamaria

    what are these chicks ?

    The eggs I got from the gal said she had an aracona rooster, and ameracauna, astrolorp barred rock girls. I got eggs from her for my broody and these where the two that hatched. one was super tiny and the other much bigger. one is a bantam maybe? there so cute but would love to know what there...
  11. karlamaria

    help sexing leghorns ( pullets)

    I have 6 1 month old leghorns, some got pink combs real fast, a few are getting pink combs now so I can not tell who is a roo and who is a pullet. one still has a yellow comb. all born the same day. can you help with this please.I posted pics of the ones with real pink combs, some with light...
  12. karlamaria

    How do I go about putting refridgerated eggs under my broody?

    My broody is not cooperating, she wants to raise chicks real bad , and last year I put fertilized eggs under her from a local farmer. Well she is broody again and bad lol, so I went and got more fertile eggs, but they were already refridgerated :( So how do I put these eggs under her? Will she...
  13. karlamaria

    Finding it hard to figure out the chicken breeds by just a few letters help!

    I see this every day, oe2' EE BLCD, CP etc. how are chicken beginners suposed to know what these chickens are? What is an F2? Seriously do we have a page somewhere that has there codes with full descriptions of said birds? Thanks
  14. karlamaria

    Dead chicken found yesterday. Questions from the experts

    She was our broody hen, constantly broody all year round except a few months in winter, and she was found dead in the coop yesterday. She has been in the best of health, eats well and seemed in perfect health . But yesterday we found her in the coop on the floor. She seemed to want to go...
  15. karlamaria

    Azure Standard will be carrying scratch and peck! Organic feed.

    My chickens go nuts for this all natural feed, with out corn and soy ! I have been buying it on line at amazon but the shipping was killing me. 18.00 for the feed for 25 pounds and 18.00 to ship. Out of my league most of the time. Well azure standard had it on special come January. I'm so...
  16. karlamaria

    When do roosters crow and begin mating?

    I have a 2 month old supposed rooster ( see my thread on sexing my EE. see second page for updated picture ) he has not crowed nor tried the love dance. At what age do they crow and get in the mood to mate? He/she is...
  17. karlamaria

    is there a place you can order 14 weeks or older pullets?

    Im not wanting to start the spring wioth chicks only to get eggs for just a few months in the fall until the hard winter here comes on. I would love to order bigger birds in March and have eggs at least by June.I could kick my self for giving all but two chicks away last month. and the two I...
  18. karlamaria

    EE chicks,... 3 weeks old.. pictures

    pretty sure its to soon to sex, One is growing the tail out fast, the other very slow, these chicks are now 3 1/2 weeks old. both have been outside with mama since day 3 and all day and all evening. why is it they can be out there in the cold and when we buy chicks they need all that heat? I...
  19. karlamaria

    Any idea of these chicks breed ? idea's ?

    I figure 2 are Rhode island reds, or production reds, and the other 4 are EE's ? Got this mix from a few gals who gave me there fertile eggs. any help would be great. I know its way to young to sex, but at least maybe I can know the breeds LOL thanks much The one gal had these white chickens...
  20. karlamaria

    When will my chicken eggs hatch? And can I move her and her eggs ?

    I put 12 eggs under my broody on the second of this month, when will I expect them to hatch? Can I move her and the eggs now and put her in the large dog carrier so she and babies are safe from other chickens for a few days? Or is this not recommended? I want my mommy wchicken to keep all her...
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