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  1. janelle18

    Older Sportsman cabinet incubator heat variation-is it normal?

    Hi I have an older wooden sportsman incubator. The temperature at the top of the incubator reads 100.2 but my thermometer at the bottom is only 97. Is this normal, should I increase a bit more in hopes the middle of the incubator stays at 99.5 ?
  2. janelle18

    Gender help! Pictures included!

    I have this chicken in with my young roosters right now but he has only a little comb and it is more yellow than any of the others. I am sending my roosters from processing this week so I need to know! The breed is Basque ( eo).
  3. janelle18

    What breed is this Banty hen?

    Just got this hen dropped off. I wasn't around when she got dropped off and I said to just leave her in the barn. I couldn't find her for forever and finally it occurred to me to look up! Any idea what breed she is! I put her in a pen with my 9 week old chicks and she is much smaller than all...
  4. janelle18

    My First Broody Hen.. YAY... now I need help...

    So i have a broody hen. She is currently in a 8ftx8ftx10ft pen with 5 other hens and a roo. The nest boxes in the pen are raised about 2.5ft off the ground. Therefore i need to move her lower. I have another nesting box that i can move her to on the ground in the same pen.. my questions are ...
  5. janelle18

    Best Way to Disinfect

    I have new chicks that I want to move to my brooder that previously held other chicks and some grown birds when space was needed. The brooder has a wire bottom, which means that it is difficult to clean since some of the poop doesnt fall all the way through and sticks etc. I cleaned it out the...
  6. janelle18

    bad hatch results...why?

    I had 42 eggs in my incubator. I pulled out 6 going into lockdown. I had 9 hatch early (before day 21) mostly on day 20. I probably have 25 eggs that contain fully formed chicks but never hatched. What could have caused this?! I am hatching again right away and don't want the same results.. I...
  7. janelle18

    My 3 EE chicks- what genders?

    Chick #1 Chick #2 Chick #3 They are about 13 weeks old, and they all look so similar. I can only tell them apart from the coloration on their beaks.Their mother was also black with golden markings
  8. janelle18

    Hen making 'caw-ing' noise and opening and closing mouth, help!

    Tonight i noticed one of my icelandic hens was making a strange cawing noise.She was also opening and closing her mouth and had a sort of gurgling noise. I looked down her throat and it didn't look red or anything and i brought her to the water and she drank. She was acting pretty much normal...
  9. janelle18

    What should my next breed be?!

    Right now i have: Icelandics, Welsummers, Barred Rocks, Light Sussex's, Basques and Easter Eggers. I also have Dorkings, but I have decided to replace them with a new breed! So what do you guys think? I really am interested in Marans- i love a colourful basket. I like good egg layers and hardy...
  10. janelle18

    When do hen's start laying at 'top production' in the Spring?

    Hi everyone, I am hoping someone who has been in the game for a while will be able to help me out here! I am wondering when hens typically start laying at full production? I have had lights on all winter, so have been getting a good amount of eggs from all my hens, but when is the peak laying...
  11. janelle18

    FULL GROWN Roosters (Basque, Icelandic, Light Sussex, EE, Dorking)

    Roosters for sale, must go! PM for more details. All very friendly, currently all living together (except icelandics) London, Ont. Canada
  12. janelle18

    Winter Water Solutions

    At the start of winter I asked around about what people were doing to keep their flock watered in the winter. Unfortunately none of the options really worked for my situation. My birds are divided into 8 different pen, by breed. Therefore it would be too costly to run heaters to all of the...
  13. janelle18

    Can Hens die from being Egg Bound

    Yesterday I lost one of my EE hens, I found her in the coop the yesterday morning but I didn't notice anything wrong the day before. I am sad because she was my only EE laying ( but the day before that i did get an olive colour egg so hopefully i have a new hen starting). She has been egg bound...
  14. janelle18

    19 Chicks for sale, born Jan 1. 2013 ( SW ONTARIO, CANADA)

    3 EE 2 Welsummers 2 Icelandics 5 Dorkings 7 Basques -straight run- can take roosters back in the spring PM for more info CND dollars ( didn't have that option)
  15. janelle18

    Need Help. Winter is here and the Chickens need water

    OK. So this is my first winter with chickens, we were doing pretty good so far for not having our water freeze, but it has finally happened to I really need to find a solution to the problem of keeping them in water all winter.Below are some picture of the current watering system I use, gravity...
  16. janelle18

    The most stressfull thing about chickens is...

    Chickens that don't get along! I have one hen that gets picked on so badly, I had in in a seperate dog kennel in my main pen and she grew all her feathers back great. I decided to move her and 3 hatch mates to a new pen with two hens and a roo last night. This morning I found her back void of...
  17. janelle18

    making chicken saddles...

    So, i just told my mom that I could use some chicken saddles for a couple of my girls. I showed her some patterns and some pictures and she got REAL excited. She got out some fabric and got right to it. NEXT thing i know she is calling the neighbour to see if they have extra fabric.. woah mom, i...
  18. janelle18

    BR Rooster with red scabbed legs and frayed feathers (picture inc. ) LICE? MITES? help!!

    Here are some pictures of my roo he is about 7 mo. old. I have noticed recently that his feathers are having a frayed appearance and the hens have been pulling at them. I wasn't too concerned but today notice that his legs almost looked plucked and that he had green tinged area's, looked like...
  19. janelle18

    Pictures&Stories of My Chickens:)

    Just wanted a place to post funny/cute pictures I get of my different breeds:) My Basque Rooster Dorking Rooster Basque Hen, wondering what I am doing trying to look into her nest box Icelandic Rooster
  20. janelle18

    What Breed is this guy-23 Weeks Old !! Help, Pictures included

    Hey all, Here are some pictures of a 23 week old roo that we have. I have no idea what breed he may be.. he has all white feathers ( they are kinda wispyy), and white legs. We have 3 others ( 1 hen and 2 roo's - that look exactly like him, but much smaller.. not sure what breed they are either)
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