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  1. mortie

    Run ground question

    I've read a few posts here and wanted to ask a question specific to my situation. My run floor is dirt. It is completely shaded by overhead trees and it rains here every couple of often doesn't try fully between rain showers. I don't want the ground to be that moist in their...
  2. mortie

    Try your hand at sexing my crew part 2

    I didn't have a helper so I just took a lot of pictures of these guys going about their business. These 5 red chicks are stumping me. They are 7 weeks old. These are the only 5 I have that are this breed/mix. The roos of my other breeds have very red combs and none of them are in any doubt...
  3. mortie

    What do you make of these

    I have posted pictures of my reds before and I am going to do it again here as soon as I can get someone to help me but here are a couple of pictures I took of my red chicks yesterday. Any insight to breed (they could be a cross) or sex? They are 7 weeks old. The only difference I can...
  4. mortie

    Try your luck sexing my crew (lots of chicks)

    They're a little young at 4.5 weeks and difficult because half of them are pea combs but we'll give it a shot and try again in a few weeks I guess. I will include my guesses. We will start with the pea combed Ameracaunas. Chick #1 My guess is male. His comb is a little bigger than the...
  5. mortie

    Do I need to paint the inside of the coop?

    I don't want to, but I can. If I do, now is the time.
  6. mortie

    Sexing pea combed birds

    Here in a couple of weeks, I will be faced with the task of somewhat accurately sexing my true Amaeracaunas. I have read all I can about the subject of sexing pea combed birds but I thought I would ask here as well to see if I can get any additional advice. I have read that chicks that...
  7. mortie

    breed guesses?

    They looked pretty similar when they hatched but the ones with the light stripes on their backs are feathering in a buff color and the others are more brown. They are 9 days old and I am not sure if these two are different breeds or sex links or what. Thanks!
  8. mortie

    New chicks, not sure what breed

    These could be a mix as well. They hatched out of brown eggs. I would call them medium brown. The chicks are a light redish color and I noticed that they appeared to be feather sexable, unlike my ameraucana chicks. They had definite differences in their wing feathers. I also noticed that...
  9. mortie

    Some of my eggs are a little smaller than the others

    I know that pullet eggs have a lower chance of hatching than eggs from mature hens. A few of my ameracauna eggs are a bit smaller than the rest. I'm prepared for them to not hatch, obviously that is possible. Might it also be possible that they could hatch a little early because the baby just...
  10. mortie

    Egg fertility experts chime in!

    Are either of these eggs fertile? Obviously one broke as I was opening it but you can still see the spot. Do you think either of them are fertile? Hopefully you can see...
  11. mortie

    Confessions of a City Slicker

    I grew up in a small town, but even in my town of 8,000, I don't think anyone had chickens. We were as far removed from our food sources as you could get. No one had much of a garden (being in a desert where the growing season is only a few months long didn't help) and food came from the...
  12. mortie

    Everyone is discouraging me

    I am considering starting a small urban flock. Everyone that I have talked to about this that has had chickens before immediately gets the same look on their face and the first words out of their mouths are "Don't do it, chickens stink!" Do they? This is not going to work out if there a...
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