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  1. janelle18

    Comment by 'janelle18' in article 'Country Chickens Coop'

    wow! I never got to see my coop make it to the home page! seeing this all now! COOL!! Couple comments... -We kept our chickens in this coop all summer and had no predator problems at all, we are a hunting family and we have a dog and are far enough from the woods that the animals don't tend to...
  2. janelle18

    Comment by 'janelle18' in article 'B Bar 23 Ranch Coop'

    landscaping would look lovely just be warned... my mom planted hosta's all around my coop with mulch..looked great..untill the first day the chickens free ranged and tore them all to shreds scratching in the mulch!
  3. janelle18

    Comment by 'janelle18' in article 'Da Chicken Hows'

    i really like your watering system! Where did you get it from? I
  4. janelle18

    Comment by 'janelle18' in article 'Country Chickens Coop'

    Bogtown Chick, i just posted the pictures of the finished coop! It does still kind of have that rustic appeal! Terihdfxr: Thanks! the girls seem to love it too!
  5. Country Chickens Coop

    Country Chickens Coop

    My This is the basic structure! Our first chicken coop! We started with and old tree house and we have been modifying it to fit the needs of our chickens.This view shows the nesting boxes, with an opening top for easy acess. We closed in the window with chicken wire , we covered the roof with...
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