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  1. chics in the sun

    Rouen Ducklings, straight run, four available

    I have four adorable Rouen ducklings for sale. They are one week old. $5 each, would prefer that they all go together but am willing to sell seperately. Mama is a champion egg layer - she never misses a day - and Dad is gentle and non-aggressive.
  2. chics in the sun

    Is two drakes one too many?

    Hi everyone. I have a pair of Rouen ducks that live happily in my aviary with chickens and pigeons. They have a filtered pond and get to free range a few times a week. I have never had trouble with this arrangement. The only time I've seen the drake 'snap' at a chicken is when his lady needs to...
  3. chics in the sun

    No progress in pipped duck eggs in 24 hours. Are they okay?

    I'm so worried. This is my first time hatching out eggs from my Rouen pair ( or any duck eggs). Two were pipped yesterday when I left for work. They were rocking a lot at that point. By the end of the day, they had all pipped, and the pips on the first one had gotten a little bigger. I though...
  4. chics in the sun

    8 week old chick, very sick, poop pic included

    I have been trying to save an 8 week old chick that has become very thin and lethargic. I thought it was worms, so on Saturday I gave them all Wazine. The next day she was running around at first, but then I noticed her sitting in the corner, and she had a few peck-marks so I isolated her in a...
  5. chics in the sun

    Appenzeller Spitzhauben - say it ain't so, Joe?

    All along I've been thinking this is a pullet. This week I realized I might be mistaken. Please tell me I'm not. I only had this one hatch out of nine mailed eggs, and I REALLY wanted a nice one. ETA - He/she is almost 9 weeks old.
  6. chics in the sun

    Weird chick - supposed to be a Spitz - breeder says Serama? Help me ID

    I got several types of eggs from a breeder, but I swear this chick hatched from one of the Appenzeller Spitzhauben eggs. I had Serama eggs in there, but they didn't hatch. It is much smaller than all it's hatchmates, and although I'm pretty sure it's a roo, it has no comb. None. Not even a pea...
  7. chics in the sun

    Is this spraddle leg or something more?

    I'm having a terrible hatch. The batch that hatched yesterday (or were supposed to) are not even mine, and so far I have only two little Araucana chicks out of 12 eggs. Some were in an incubator and some were under broodies (its a long story). The one that hatched under the broody has legs that...
  8. chics in the sun

    Free Alarm clock, pest control, hawk watcher, and lawn ornament!

    This little guy was supposed to be sexed, but alas - they can't get it right every time. He's a Speckled Sussex, 6 weeks old. Pick up only in the Tampa Bay area, or possibly meet up somewhere fairly close. PM me for details, as this is actually my friend's chick. I can also bring him to a swap...
  9. chics in the sun

    Chics-in-the-Sun's wacky two broodies and an incubator hatch-fest!!

    I'll try to keep this short and easy to understand. Here is the story of the wacky two broodies and a borrowed incubator: My lovely little Olive Egger, Ginger, began showing signs of broodiness several weeks ago. A week after she started, her Ameraucana half-sister, Sky, decided Ginger was...
  10. chics in the sun

    A Question about turning, before and after setting.

    Okay, I got too many eggs for my broodies to set (partially because I don't trust one with more than just a few), so I borrowed a brand new incubator from a friend. It is octogon shaped and clear on top, and does not have an automatic turner. The brand name is Janoel. I am planning on turning...
  11. chics in the sun

    My "sister wives" - leave them in the same nest box, or separate them?

    Well, Ginger the olive egger went broody a week ago. I decided to let her hatch out some eggs, and today I found her half-sister, Sky the Ameraucana, keeping her company in her broody-hood. Here they are: As you can see, the nest box is fairly large and they fit in there together pretty well...
  12. chics in the sun

    Is this fowl pox? And what should I do about it?

    I read a bit on here, and it seems there isn't much I can do but keep them as healthy as possible and hope they survive. Unfortunately a few of them are a bit underweight, and all were treated for worms and lice a week ago. Summer hit here in Florida, and all of the sudden I was jugling...
  13. chics in the sun

    Egg layed after Wazine treatment.

    Okay, some of you helped me out with figuring out I had two females a few weeks back , so I held a swap and my pigeon guy came with two males for me. I separated them into two pairs, and then two weeks later I put them all into the same coop. Unfortunately, I had to treat all my birds for worms...
  14. chics in the sun

    Pigeons and lice?

    I have two pigeons in with my chickens right now. I noticed one of the chickens acting lethargic, so I examined her and she appears to have poultry lice. I can't catch the pigeons with the way the coop is set up (and one is new and unfamiliar to me, so he is very skittish), but they do seem to...
  15. chics in the sun

    A few quick questions

    Hi- I got five ducklings from a lady with the intention of selling them for her at my swap tomorrow, but I'm not sure what they are. Her friend hatched them, and didn't know what she was hatching. Also, the lows tonight are in the mid-60s. The are in a wire bottom cage outdoors with a towel and...
  16. chics in the sun

    Pigeon sitting on THREE eggs...

    I read here they usually only sit on two at a time. Is it common for them to sit on three, or is she just an overachiever?
  17. chics in the sun

    Feeding chickens and ducks housed together

    I know someone started a thread a few days ago about keeping chickens and ducks together, but I don't remember if it included information on feeding them. I am interested in housing chickens and Mandrins (possibly) in the same aviary (22 x 16 feet). Has anyone done this, and do they try to each...
  18. chics in the sun

    Chicken Karma

    Don't get me wrong, I'm sorry the guy died, but this struck me as proof that karma exists for chickens, too..... Link removed. Please see rules
  19. chics in the sun

    REALLY? For Florida? Check out this coop.....

    If this is being sold by someone on here, please let whoever buys it know that they MUST put some ventilation in it somehow. Do you know what your chickens would feel like in this thing in the middle of the summer in Florida? When it is still the high 80s at night? Poor things...
  20. chics in the sun

    Racing Pigeon Pair - reproducing question

    I 'accidentally' ended up with a pair of racing pigeons this weekend. One is a juvinile male, who is already romancing and cooing the year-old female. I know they only lay two eggs per clutch, but how long do they take to hatch, and how long do they raise the babies before laying another clutch...
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